Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Beat the Heat with Arctic Cool Clothing

My husband works at Oaks National Golf Course here in Kissimmee, he is in charge of the irrigation and grounds upkeep at the course. Sadly the course was built back in the 80's so the system they have to pump out the water is fed off the lake which causes pressure in some parts and makes the pipes explode, which for him means digging out the pipes in the hot FL sun all day. 

Because of him always being in the sun I am always looking for ways to help keep him cool, sure he has lots of fluids but that still doesn't cool him down enough, Arctic Cool came to his aid. Arctic Cool is a line of clothing made to, well keep you cool. 

He was able to try out the revolutionary Solid Crew Neck Instant Cooling Shirt which is a must for athletes, workout warriors, and anyone who wants to keep cool and comfortable which is my husband in this case. The nice thing about the Solid Crew Neck Instant Cooling Shirt is that it came in a variety of colors which we went with blue because this is the color of the work shirts required by his job. 

The revolutionary Solid Crew Neck Instant Cooling Shirt features state-of-the-art HydroFreeze X Technology, a cooling management system that reduces the fabric temperature during activity. The shirt’s design also wicks moisture away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you dry and relaxed. It’s made with fabric that provides full range of motion for all types of activities. And its ultralight construction is antimicrobial and easy-to-clean. This shirt makes it easy to stay cool while you stay active. This is great for my husband because all too many times it will rain just enough to make life a living so to have a shirt which drys fast and uses the water which has been soaked up to cool you down instead of stick to you is wonderful. 

The Revolutionary HydroFreeze X Technology dramatically chills your body temperature as you sweat The Crew Neck also wicks moisture away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you dry and relaxed is it made with fabric that supports a full range of motion, antimicrobial and easy-to-clean,  rated as UPF 50+ for sun protection and the cooling fabric blocks 98% of UV rays! This is HUGE because he often comes home looking like a burnt raccoon. 

Along with the revolutionary Solid Crew Neck Instant Cooling Shirt, he also is able to enjoy Instant Cooling Towel, so I have seen this type of product in the stores and I have bought him a few, one we had when you washed it, it would get all stiff so you basically could only use it when damp. Then another we bought was long but super skinny like a scarf but also very thin, it worked okay but again really skinny and it went mia, guessing it is stuck to something when washed possibly a towel, either way it is gone. The thing is, the Arctic Cool Instant Cooling Towel, has been the best. It is long, thicker, wider and last a whole lot longer than the cheaper ones we tried at the stores. It cools for hours and relieves his neck from the pain that the sun has put on him. Plus even better for him that is, is its blue, so it blends in with his work shirts. 

How does the Arctic Cool® Instant Cooling Towel work? Just soak the towel with water, and, instantly, the HydroFreeze™ Technology snaps into action. Immediately, you’ll feel the invigorating cooling effect that will help you play harder, no matter where your lifestyle takes you. The uber-light, high-performance mesh absorbs moisture when dry and cools when wet. The unique construction naturally monitors the evaporation rate to ensure a long-lasting cooling result. The towel instantly cools body temperature when wet, and a invigorating cooling effect begins instantly. The Instant Cooling Towel has a superior design which keeps cool for up to 2 hours and it is durable & easy to clean, machine washable 27″ x 15″. I have stolen the Instant Cooling Towel a few times from my husband when I go to meet my friend down south because we often meet at parks and it gets extremely hot and miserable so to keep me more happy and in a friendly move I use the Instant Cooling Towel. 

Arctic Cool was nice enough also to send me my very own shirt to try, I asked for a XXL and well look at the packaging because it really is a XXL this is nice change in things, although loose on me. When I have bought other athletic shirts they normally run small so I have always gone a size up because I am self aware of my post baby left overs. So when I got the XXL it was really loose in the center until the competitors which make you think you are bigger than you really are. I used it for my job which I do work indoors but at small locations which all the AC gets blown out the doors so I am normally dying and a sweaty mess by the end of the day. The Arctic Cool Instant Women's Cooling V-Neck Shirt kept me cool all day, I was not wet once from sweat which is saying a lot because in FL you just go to check your mail and you looking like you jumped in a pool. 

We are extremely happy with our Arctic Cool products and will be back for more, because again in FL we need products like this. You can check out the whole line of great Arctic Cool products by visiting

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