Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Ungrip, A new way of holding your phone

I don't know about you but I often do and see other drop their phones. It is a huge pain in the butt, along with can be extremely costly because of broken screens, or worse totally blowing up. Which also doesn't just cost you the actual price to replace but also cost you your whole life almost, because let's face it we use our phones for everything, contacts, pics, games and more. 

Well the Ungrip is a simple and small, small being the keyword here, that adheres to your phone, so that way you always have something to slip your finger in and HOLD THE PHONE. The reason I said that small is the keyword is because if you have purchased any of the phone holders on the market most are big and take up space making it hard to get your phone in and out of your pocket which again makes you drop it. The Ungrip is a small square which is simply stuck to the back of the phone with a piece of fabric attached which you simply slide your finger in for a extra safe hold on your phone. Of course you can use the Ungrip on other things as well, a tablet, a toddlers cup, and much more. It is so simple to use and it is again small so it fits in your pocket, or your purse, bag, etc. Fun thing also is there is a lot of Ungrip's to choose from so you are able to find the perfect combo for your phone. 

Features of the Ungrip include:

• Flexibility – Because Ungrip is tethered to your finger, you can hold your phone however it makes you feel comfortable, all while knowing it is securely attached to you. 
• 3M – Ungrip uses trusted brand 3M’s industrial-strength VHB (Very High Bond) tape, allowing the product to hold up to 4lbs. 
• Easy to Remove – Even though the adhesive is industrial, users can easily remove the tape and it won’t leave any residue on the phone. 

Ungrip retails from $12-$20 and comes in a variety of colors and patterns to fit your lifestyle and mood. 

You can purchase your own Ungrip by visiting the website http://ungripyourphone.com/

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