Tuesday, September 12, 2017

After Hurricane Irma in Osceola

We made it through, we even kept our power the whole time, thanks to an amazing group of people who are out in this mess trying to stay ahead of the storm. What sucks about going through these types of things is it is really REALLY hard not to come off as a incentive asshole. Because others have it worse. Some lost family, friends, pets, homes, cars etc. Which it is like my biggest issue is I have no milk......yeah sounds like I am a ass right.

It is a bittersweet thing because yeah I have power and thankfully as of last night they were able to get all my families both in Polk and Kissimmee, up and running. Our local Walmart in Poinciana is out along with Publix and they are not expected to have power until Wed, possibly Thursday. The gas stations are slowly opening and the lines are insane not for gas but for cold food and drinks. Milk was sold out within minutes of places opening.

My house did well through the storm, the neighbors tree came over during and we kept thinking it would take out our power because it was on the pole, so yesterday was clean up of that. Then my in-laws are here with me they still have no power, and they have a bunch of trees down but none took out their place. So they do at least have a home to go to once they have power, but they lost all their cold food.

I will have a video together soon to post of the before and after, and during. More during LOL. Again though a HUGE THANK YOU to those who were out in the storm and continue to be busting their asses to get our homes and communities back online.

A huge Oak blocking the street to get to my in-laws place. Goes complete over the entire road.

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