Monday, September 4, 2017

Crystal Candy Making Kit a Educational Tasty Treat

Whenever we go to the Orlando Science Center my kids know they are gonna get rock candy because it is one of the cheaper items and comes in a pack of 3 so for like $5 I can get all the kids something and I get one also :) 

Why though does the Orlando Science Center sell rock candy, could it be because there is a science to it? Well I was able to teach my kids the science behind their favorite science center treat with GeoCentral.

GeoCentral makes a Candy Crystal Growing Kit-Edible Science. The funny thing for me was that the kit makes 6 :) so whooo even mom got to enjoy this one as well. The kit comes with 2 jars, 6 sticks and 6 bags and ribbons.

The best thing about the Candy Crystal Growing Kit was that the instructions were easy to follow, and within 7 days my kids and I were enjoying our candy that we created. It is a great educational experience because they can watch it each day and check how their candy treats are being made. You can purchase the GeoCentral Candy Crystal Growing Kit on Amazon and by visiting 

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