Monday, September 4, 2017

Girlie Glue Great for Babies, and even Pets!

Let's be honest when you have a baby they all pretty much look the same, and only way to tell if a girl or boy is if the parents dress them in colors which we identify with like pink for girls and blue for boys. Even this doesn't always work, I know I liked having my girls in greens and blues because it brought out their eyes, and then my oldest son loved bright colors like pink and purples, and he was a pretty baby so often people would tell me how beautiful my girl was. So how else can we help identify our newborns.......One women thought of this and came out with Girlie Glue.

Girlie Glue is a glue made with Agave nectar and other all-natural ingredients. It's safe, 100% honey-free and washes away easily with water.  So don't let the name fool you into thinking it is some kind of super glue which will rip your kids hair out, because it won't! I don't have babies anymore but I do have daughters who sadly got my hair which is very fine and thin. I have never been able to keep curls or hair ties or anything in my hair it would always slip out, my mom tried everything. I used it on my daughters for a day at the park and it lasted the whole day!

Girlie Glue is also safe for pets! Yup, I used a few on my cats although they are males but hey who is asking LOL. I think they look cute :) which for them I just used a washcloth to remove. I really love this product and it has opened my daughters up to more fun accessories which they could not enjoy before. You can purchase Girlie Glue and accessories here.

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