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Hurricane BS that we deal with in experience.

I was born here in Kissimmee, FL and have never left I have never been through a snowstorm but have for sure gone through my share of hurricanes. The thing is they suck and can be scary but they are just big long storms which we have had way worse just in a normal storm. 

I am now shy of my 34th birthday, I remember going through one when I was 13? Which was Hurricane Erin when it hit us though in Kissimmee, it was only a tropical storm. I don't remember to much of where we went or if we even left, we lived in newer double wide/manufactured home on a 1/2 acre. I am not sure why I don't remember probably because I was going through my rebel years LOL but I do remember my dad had a canoe which was filled with water and leafs and then the trees looked bare and lots of branches but like twigs were all over but it never was anything major.

Then from there I am sure we had a few scares but nothing really affected us until 2004! Well not really in February 22, 23rd 1998 we had a horrible tornado which started at my husbands place (at the time friend of course) he was in a smaller older trailer which had a room built on and they took a hard hit taking out a huge oak tree which the base is still at their property today, I was down the road and saw the tornado but it was a block away so we didn't get any damage it did take out the shopping center though and then went down Shingle Creek across Lake Tohoe and ended in BVL killing 42! The tornado went by my house at midnight, my mom and I heard the hail and went in to the bathroom of the double wide to stay safe, my husband, his twin brother and mother were all in the built on room of their home and the floor he said was being ripped out below them as they laid flat with their mom on top of them protecting them. I remember calling all friends and making sure everyone was okay it was a long process to build back what all was lost. One other memory of that was the at the time video stores still were around so when it took out our shopping plaza it went right over a Video King and there was VHS tapes all over the place and you still might find some to this day down Shingle Creek. Another story I remember from it was a child was swept away from his mother and later found alive in a tree this has always stuck with me.

2004! I had just given birth to my first child on July 12th. I was 20 and my birthday is in October. I was a new mom, wife and adult :) fun stuff. Well on August 13th Charlie decided it was gonna come through. Me and my husband were married November 15th 2003, so we were still newlyweds and he turned 20 the same day we got married, yup don't get married on someone's birthday sadly it just fell on the weekend we wanted to be married on. Anyhow.......I didn't watch the news so I really had no clue about any of it til like 2 days before it Charley was to make landfall. My parents had just moved to Lake Wales in a solid brick home which no one else in our family at the time had, my in-laws still lived in the trailer which they were in for the tornado and then, my husband and I also were in a newer single wide trailer, but we were in a mobile home park, so we of course left. I went to my parents with my 2 cats and month old child, while my retard husband (again we were young) stayed with his friend and then my in-laws went to my mother in-laws mom's house which was also where my husband was supposed to go!

So basically family is all over the damn place! I was pissed at my husband because we were not together and I felt like I was doing it all on my own. My parents boarded up most of the house except the sliding glass doors because the storm was going to hit worse on the one side. The thing a lot of people don't get is a hurricane is a large tornado with little tornados that can come and hit while dealing with the big one. So back to my story Charley came in at about 9ish got really nasty at around midnight which we watched the neighbor's shed blow away, a tree branch come down and take out a power pole and then a big oak fall and block the street. My parents house was older and they have a wood door which the water was coming through because of the force of the wind. Because of the child being ripped from their parents and flying away I had placed my son in his baby carrier strapped down and in the bath tub. I figured if he went flying better to be in his carrier than free, sad I had to and was thinking that way but yeah it was scary. At one point it got so bad that we all got into the bathroom and prayed to make it safely through the storm.

The next day we were without power, we did however have running water which was odd but we were extremely grateful, especially me because well I just had a newborn so I was starting to smell of sour milk! YUCK. Next thing was after looking around at all the damage I had to get home to my retard husband along with my home. Well this was the first real hurricane I went through so you really don't understand how much you take for granted like a clear road! Getting home was a journey I had a POS car which the way home I would allow for bigger trucks to go around so I could follow because I didn't want to be in a head on since it was a lot of trees and poles and such on ground. I honestly even to today am in shock I was able to make it home. It took way longer but I still made it. When I got to my home, it was still there, others in our mobile home park the really old homes were gone, flat. I lost all the skirting around my home, the shutters, and then half of my screen porch/car port area. Funny thing was that Charley took everyone's heavy plastic stairs and pushed them back so the neighbors in front of me went to my house and mine to the next and then the ones who were on end ended up with theirs in the woods.

OMG trying to find everyone, first I went to where my husband was supposed to be, he was not there! Cell phone service was down! So I had no way to call family and friends to check in and be like I am fine or find out if they were fine. I then went to my mother in-laws mom's house which they were there and everything held up, their home however was messed up it was kinda squished like if you squish a can from top to bottom but lay it on its side? So from my mother in-laws mom's place we went to were my husband's twin brother was with his girlfriend we found them and which they were at his girl friends moms house. She lived by a drain which filled and flooded her house with about 3 inches of water, but that was the worst of it for her was water damage.

Now that we knew they were okay we went to my husband's oldest brothers place which was a apartment over by medieval times. This became the ground base, so we all knew everyone was safe, although I still hadn't heard from my asshole husband. From there we went to Publix to try and get a few things, wow Publix, we were all out of power NO ONE HAD POWER, or cell service! I remember pulling up to Publix and they had people stacking all the freezer, deli, cooler items out in a huge hill outside in the parking lot. Most people still had house phones which my parents did and so did my in-laws, there was a huge line of people waiting to use the pay phone. I was able to call my parents and let them know I made it home and was fine. After getting some food which you could only use cash which another thing you don't think of because again no power so no credit no ebt no anything! Cash is the only way you can get anything.

We regrouped once again at my brother in laws, from there we went and checked in at the Holiday Inn Hotel which later became the Nickelodeon Hotel and Now again the Holiday Inn. They had power! What a nightmare this was, we had.....myself, husband, and newborn, my in-laws, my brother in-law, his baby mama and his son, my husband's twin brother and his girlfriend all in one room!!!!!! they are bigger rooms that are technical 3 rooms but with that many people it feels like a sardine box!  To make things worse my son was acting strange he already was acting strange before all of this drama but it was just getting worse he was always hungry. So to get away from all the family I took him to the Celebration ER, which from there we were rushed to the Orlando Hospital in which my son had a liquid placed in him to see what was wrong, they didn't know other than some type of blockage. I was told my son could die 7 times! He lived through it but I spent a week in the hospital dealing with that while my family was in a hotel and we had no power. I went into a shock and was having issues for a month afterward. Great way to deal with the storms.

Memories of Charley is all the blue tarps that became everyone's roofs, if you didn't have a tarp only reason is because you probably no longer had a house, it was crazy. The roads were covered with debris and then once all was gone there was no cars on the road. At one point before ending up in the hospital me and my brother in-laws baby mama went to see if I had power on, I was flying down the road and we went over the railroad tracks and we both were like wow we are here already because it was pitch black you could see stars again after the storm.

Then after Charley came Frances, France took forever to pass it was seriously like 3 days of rain and wind, funny thing with Frances is it came and cleaned up what Charley messed up. We all this round stayed at my brother in-laws place which was a good bad thing because spending that much time indoors closed spaces with family ahhhh LOL. Then the others came, which one I was so over the cabin fever and saw it wasn't gonna be that bad that I left in the middle of the storm and went home! The shitty thing about the hurricanes is they all came on a damn weekend and they all lasted forever, at least with Charley it came and went the rest after just stayed. It was a interesting year.

What we learned after that year is we take so much for granted! You need to be ready for being without power for a long period of time, you need to be ready to do a lot of work afterward which is a lot of manual labor.

We had a really bad storm hit here in Poinciana 3-26-16 and it was so bad that it destroyed many roofs, so we had a company here for like 4 months after Jasper that was doing everyone's roofs which we just had ours done from the storm last year almost to date. It looked like it snowed after all the hail settled and took 2 days in the hot summer sun to melt away completely.

Getting ready for Irma has been a nightmare, it sucks because your never stopping, you have to get sandbags which a lot think that its already NOPE you have to go with shovel and fill them up, tie them up and load them up, then you get to unload them, place them around your home. They weigh about 50-60lbs each! Next you get to board up, standing in the hot summer sun holding boards up and against the house, trying not to bust a window. Then you have to take everything outside and place it inside, fun so basically instead of spring cleaning you have hurricane cleaning but the worst part is you are stuck with all your trash until after the hurricane! This is all outside drama.

Inside you need to get a ton of water, start eating and cooking all your frozen stuff so your not out the money or food afterward because power went out, then you gotta deal with cleaning because once power is out you cannot vacuum anything moping is okay but not if you don't have enough water, dishes all need to be clean all laundry needs to be done, its so much work and then you have to watch and listen so you can run if a damn tornado comes. So yeah its a lot of work and I will update this afterwards because right now I need to turn off shut down so can have later.

Going on while I am typing this today 8-10-17
Just got a tornado warning over by my in-laws, and its going towards Celebration. My kids are freaking out because my husband is always on edge because of the one he went through in 98 so they are all in my closet.

11:18am More Tornado warnings winds are picking up and rain is coming down
11:23am Got dark as shit heavier rain, kids are in closet
11:41 shutting down will be back :)

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