Sunday, September 3, 2017

Keep your mouth clean this Labor Day with Colgate Total Advanced Health Mouthwash.

Lots of people are taking to the open road for the 3 day weekend, but when we travel we often change our morning routine, especially when it comes to taking care of our teeth. Luckily Colgate Total Advanced Health Mouthwash comes in a travel-friendly 200mL size- perfect to throw in your bag on your way out the door to ensure you are maintaining proper oral hygiene even on the road.

Colgate Total Advanced Health Mouthwash is proud to be the first oral care product to contain two-layer technology- combining the freshening power we all love with germ killing ingredients. This innovative dual-phase formula mouthwash is actually proven to remove 24x more bacteria- simply Shake & Clean for a healthier mouth! This makes for some wonderful up close and personal moments during the Labor Day weekend. You can find Colgate Total Advanced Health Mouthwash at your local grocery and retail store. 

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