Saturday, September 30, 2017

Organic Valley Organic Fuel

We drink a lot of NesQuik chocolate powder mix in this family, but it's not exactly healthy. My oldest son takes after me, where most of his diet is drinking milk. To help him gain weight I wanted to find something better for him that we would all enjoy especially him. 

Organic Valley came out with Organic Fuel. Organic Fuel is a whey protein powder which comes in both vanilla and chocolate flavor. Organic Fuel has no GMOs, no antibiotics, no synthetic hormones, no toxic pesticides, no artificial sweeteners, no gluten and no soy, making for a yummy healthy treat. 

My son was about a lb per inch and he is 13 and almost 5'6" so he looks unhealthy although doctors say otherwise. Since he has been drinking the new Organic Valley Organic Fuel he has put on some weight, so he looks healthier and he is more active which is a huge plus. I am super happy with the results from him drinking Organic Valley Organic Fuel and he is super happy with the taste. He really enjoys the chocolate powder. 

You can find Organic Valley Organic Fuel at your local grocery also check out all the other great products Organic Valley has to offer by visiting

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