Sunday, September 17, 2017

Rise-N-Shine with Wake Up On Time!

My husband has to get up at 4am to be to work at 5:30am every morning, he sets his alarm on his phone and still sometimes misses the alarm because he is so out of it. He also has tried a old school alarm which worked until dogs/kids knocked it off one to many times. He also has done 4 alarms in a row, one at 3am, 3:30am, 4am and finally 4:30am and still that will not always work. 

I was contacted by Rise-N-Shine to try Wake Up On Time, I couldn't pass this up because it sounded like something that would work for my husband. How it works is you take Wake Up On Time before you go to bed, strange right. Well it Wake Up On Time is made so it is time released, when it is time to wake up, vitamins like B-6 and B-12 are released to help you get more energy. 

My husband is a stubborn person, who wants all kinds of facts before trying anything new, but I forced him to try it and both him and I are in much better moods now that he is on it. The Wake Up On Time has worked wonders and has improved his mood because he is getting more real sleep and waking up in a better mood, which is why it benefits me because I do not have to walk on eggshells around everything when he is up.  If you have a hard time waking up ready for the day I would truly recommend you trying this great product from Rise-N-Shine. 

Rise-N-Shine's patented Wake Up On Time is the first product of its kind, taken BEFORE bed, but doesn't start working until it's time to wake up! Wake Up On Time will never prevent you from falling asleep - thanks to the magic of time release. Wake Up On Time contains the highest quality ingredients, including Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Guarana Seed Extract (100 mg caffeine), L-Tyrosine, Eleuthero Root extract and more! Wake Up On Time is designed to help you wake up in the morning feeling great and full of energy. You can purchase by visiting

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