Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Sqwincher a whole new way to hydrate!

Between my kids and husband, we go through a lot of sports drinks. I have them on hand for my kids while they are outside playing hard, and for my husband, as he works. Because of them going through sports drinks like water I am always looking for something new. 

I found Sqwincher. Sqwincher is a sports drink which comes in many forms to consume. A few Sqwincher products I use on my husband are:

The Sqwincher Fastpack which are .6oz that you simply add water to and use the pouch as your cup. These are great for him because he can carry many with him while at work. They are great because you can get 50 in a box and they have 10 flavors to choose from. My husband's favorites are the Orange, Tropical, and Cool Citrus. 

Another product I send with my husband to work, and kids to school, and I even keep stashed in my car in case of an emergency are the Sqwincher's Qwik Lite Stick Packets. These are great because they can be carried any place, and all you need is water. They come in 4 flavors, cherry, orange, lime and grape. Sqwincher Lite stick packs are perfect for those looking for fewer calories, no color, and no artificial flavors or additives. Sqwincher Lite contains the perfect electrolyte blend, are naturally flavored and naturally sweetened and contain no added color.

A favorite of ours especially when out in the pool is the Sqwincher Squeeze Pops. The tasty treats cool you off while hydrating the body perfect for a long day in the sun. They come in 5 flavors, cherry, orange, lemon-lime, grape and mixed berry. My kids all really enjoy the mixed berry and cherry. 

Finally, another product which is great for on the go is the is the Sqwincher Qwik Stick 10 Count Tube. This is another one which I keep in my car and forget about. The expiration dates on these last a long while so I know that if I really need them I have the Qwik Stick's ready to go. The Qwik Stick 10 Count Tube comes in 4 flavors, fruit punch, orange, strawberry-lemonade, and orange. I always keep a set of fruit punch with me because who doesn't enjoy fruit punch. 

Sqwincher has a huge variety of other products like already made ready to drink sports drinks, liquid concentrate, zero sugar and more. You can view the whole line of Sqwincher products by visiting http://sqwincher.com

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