Saturday, September 30, 2017

Stop picking up your toddlers stuff....use the Tray Haven

When my kids were little we would frequent the local parks and I don't know how many times between the 5 I have bent over to pick up something they dropped or even thrown. The battle between child and parent seemed never-ending, until now. 

The Tray Haven 

Tray Haven reduces the ability for children to throw objects from their highchair or stroller onto the floor. The see-through, wing-like barrier attaches to most highchairs and strollers with a stretchable clasp. The fabric is machine washable and can fold for easy travel. 

Tray Haven is a highly adaptable wing-like barrier which can help make mealtime and outings less stressful for parents and young children. The Tray Haven is easy to setup, take down, and store, thanks to its clever collapsibility and go-anywhere portability. With breathable mesh netting and a sturdy wire construction, Tray Haven is easy to clean in any sink and air dries quickly. After cleaning, Tray Haven can also be folded and put on the top shelf of the dishwasher for extra sanitation. Price: $24.99

Just imagine going to a theme park, or on a long shopping trip and not always having to look behind you to see if your child threw or dropped anything. Too many times would my child loose his bottle or pacifier because of something so simple. Don't lose your mind or stuff with the Tray Haven. Tray Haven comes in both blue or pink. You can purchase the Tray Haven by visiting 

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