Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Curious Creamery with the Booze

With Memorial Day just around the corner followed by a ton of well known and celebrated holidays, most often you have friends and family around. The Curious Creamery is a great way to enjoy the Labor Day weekend, Holidays and well any day really. 

The Curious Creamery makes a fun treat called The Boozy Ice Cream which is an alcoholic ice cream mix, yes you read that correctly a Alcoholic ICE CREAM mix! Can you imagine the possibilities!! As of now it comes in 5 already classic flavors which are:

Mint Mojito
White Russian 
Irish Mudslide 
Pina Colada

I am a huge fan of these drinks when I go out, more because I like frosted drinks/mixed drinks, so the idea of them being a ice cream, yes please! The Boozy Alcoholic Ice Cream  mixes are super easy to make and each pack makes 1 pint of ice cream. All you do is mix in milk or water ( I personally would go with milk ) the mix and the booze stir and chil. It is that simple anyone can do it, and it makes for a great gift as well. I have a few family members who will be getting this special treat this year. 

Living here in FL it is always hot so it is great to have another way to cool off and enjoy a beverage all in one. You can check out all the great products of The Curious Creamery by visiting

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