Monday, September 4, 2017

ZizzyBee Mesh Storage Bags Organize Your Everything!

ZizzyBee creates innovative, reusable, and washable zippered mesh storage bags. They’re see-through, so you’ll always know what’s inside. They come in several sizes to hold everything, from snacks to toys and sports equipment. They’re accented with bright colors and patterns, a far cry from boring plastic bins. And because you can use them over and over, you won’t be adding to the world’s waste by using resealable plastic bags. ZizzyBee is perfect for getting those toy sets with seemingly thousands of tiny pieces off your floor and in one easy to find place. They’re great for toting your child’s bathing suit, sunscreen, toys and towel to the beach. And they’re just right for on the go snacks. If you’ve got stuff, ZizzyBee can help you organize it!

Large 3-pack – This set of 3, 12” by 12” bags is perfect for art supplies, beach gear or toiletries for travel. You can pick 3 matching bags or 3 different colors. Mix 3-pack - Comes with 2 large bags and 1 small 9” by 9” bag, use it for makeup, crayons or anything small that needs a home. Small 3-pack – This set of 3, 9” by 9” bag, use it for makeup, crayons or anything small that needs a home.

The ZizzyBee bags are great for any parent, they hold so much and make life so much more easier, they are also simple to clean. I use them to store my kids swimsuits, and extra underwear for when we go out because I just can toss them the bag and they are good to go. I also have my kids use them for school so they can find their supplies with ease. The ZizzyBee have so many uses. You can check out the whole line by visiting

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