Tuesday, October 24, 2017

H2O at Home Pet Kit

My dog Gator who loves his bubbles really hates water, he hates it so much he runs from you if you are holding a glass with any liquid. When it rains which it does often here in FL he won't go outside, even the morning dew is to much "water" for him. 

With all that being said it is hard to wash him, I have tried throwing him in the pool he caught on after the second time I did it to him to stay away from me if I am near the pool :) I have also tried holding him on a leash, he about killed himself by flipping out, and finally I tried placing him in the cage and just hosing him down, this seems to work but he still is not enjoying and I feel horrible. 

Thankfully there is another new option which we both can relax and get things done, it is the H2O at Home Pet Kit. The H2O at Home offers the Pet Kit ($29), which includes a microfiber glove and towel that are ideal for bathing and drying your pet quickly. The glove features an elastic band that helps to keep it in place while washing, and the comfy microfiber towel ensures a quick dry. This is what makes it so great for me and my dog because he is not seeing any water coming at him so he doesn't realize until it is too late but he is more relaxed because while washing him he is basically being pampered which he enjoys. 

Use the glove to wash your pet or too dry your pet’s feet, and use the towel to remove excess water. The Pet Soap ($19) is an easy-to-use, 3-in-1 soap that will gently clean, moisturize and help repel fleas and ticks. Its mild cleaning base will match the pH of your pet's skin and moisturize and condition for a shiny, healthy coat. Economical and easy to apply, this solid bar will last as long as two bottles of liquid pet shampoo. It will last for more than a dozen washes for a medium sized dog. It is unscented, preservative-free and contains 1% organic neem oil to naturally fight against ticks and fleas without irritating sensitive pets.

You can purchase the kit by visiting http://us.h2o-at-home.com/

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