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Holiday Gifts for Children of All Ages

Discount School Supply

Excellerations Classic Wooden Barn (Item # BARN)

A classic classroom favorite from the spacious loft to the real swinging doors, this wooden barn is scaled perfectly for our popular farm animal set. (Exclusive wide-open design provides easy access for little hands and maximum play value; Fence (4 pieces), ladder and trough included; 20"L x 9 3/4"D x 13 3/8"H; Animals sold separately; Assembly required) - Discount School Supply Item # BARN Purchase here

Excellerations® Translucent Building Bricks - 206 Pieces
These transparent, plastic bricks are perfect for hours of building fun! Use them on your light table for an added element of fun. The translucent nature of the blocks allows the light to radiate through. Children can stack the blocks to see the colors mix and bring their creations to life. You can purchase this set here

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Tumbstix-Light up Tumblstix are the amazing desk toy that you can take anytime and anywhere! At home, party, office , class ,bar and etc. Suitable for everyone: As long as a few minutes a day can effectively help you improve your focus and hand-eye coordination. A mesmerizing fidget toy that challenges you to balance and catch the cylinder smoothly during 360 degree rolls and 180 degree flicks, all whilst doing tricks. You can find them at your local retail store. 

Stikbot Movie Sets:

Stikbot turns kids into creative moviemakers. These easy-to-pose figurines with strong suction cup hands and feet can stick to almost any flat surface. Get a collection of 6 colors now! With the free mobile app, Stikbot Studios, available on iOS and Android, kids can shoot their own stop- snaps individual photos and stitches them together into a film, complete with built-in music and sound effect options motion movies starring Stikbot. Everywhere becomes a stage -- the kitchen, the living room, the school bus, or anywhere around the world! Don't forget to upload and share the creation on social media with #Stikbot and see what creative talents are making all over the world!

Zing-Dama-The Zing Dama puts co-ordination to the ultimate test. A ball on a string and a catcher ring - the aim is to capture the ball, and of course, the trick is to do it with flair and skill. Easy to attempt - hard to master, but so much fun to learn! 

Metal Chucks-New to their EDP line, their Thumb Chucks now come in 4 metallic colors! Gold, Black, Bronze, and Silver. Soft to the touch and no LED light. Control the roll with Thumb Chucks! Master your technique and learn tons of tricks. Thumb Chucks are composed of two high-bounce balls connected by a special belt. The chucks are interchangeable, allowing for unique customization, and each chuck contains a high-powered LED light that pulses with each impact, allowing you to play at anytime of day. Download the free app to view tutorials, watch Pros and film your own videos. Learn the first few tricks within minutes, but be careful, Thumb Chucks are highly addictive! 

Spin Circuits™- A three pronged blade design that delivers 20 different preprogrammed LED light patterns with the press of a button! Stack them to any Zing spinner by using the Spin Pin to deliver an ultra colorful light display!


Safe Breaker-Use your memory and spy skills to crack the code on the exciting game of safe breaker. Electronic safe has diamonds and gold inside; use the fingerprint scanner and spy gear earpiece to listen to clues. To play, pick a card from the pack and turn the safe combination to the corresponding number. Next, use the fingerprint scanner to test the number. If the light is green you have cracked the code and the safe will burst open to release some coins. No luck? use your spy gear to hear the clue and help you deduce the correct number. Is the correct code higher or lower than the number already tried? make sure you keep a straight face and don’t give anything away to the other players. The player who collects five golden coins is the winner. But beware of the “alarm bell” coins – they will alert the police and the player must return all their coins to the safe! Use your memory and spy skills to crack the code on the exciting game of Safe Breaker Load the Electronic safe with diamonds and gold coins. Pick a card and test the safe combination to release the coins Use the spy gear earpiece to listen to clues to crack the code, collect the most coins and win the game! Watch out for "alarm bell" coins or you will lose your loot!

Break Free-Break Free from YULU Toys is a new, challenging action skill game full of urgency, suspense and tons of fun. The objective: players must race to pick the lock on their handcuff as quickly as possible and before everyone else! First, players handcuff themselves together and insert a maze into each handcuff. The game includes three maze colors. Each color represents a different level of difficulty, making each round unpredictable. Using the lockpick, players must try to pick the lock on their handcuff as quickly as possible. The fastest to break free from their handcuff receives a token that corresponds to the maze color. There are points on the back of each token, the player with the most points after playing all three rounds, wins the game. Record the ultimate race to escape and upload it to social media using #BreakFreeChallenge. Use the hashtag to also see others during their moment of truth and to challenge others! Break Free requires 2 or more players. Each Break Free game comes with 4 handcuffs with chains, 4 lockpicks, 4 easy level mazes, 4 intermediate level mazes, 4 advanced level mazes and 16 tokens.

Escape Room-Operation: Escape Room is a new interactive game that taps into the escape room trend by combining skill, strategy and teamwork to search, solve and escape the room before time runs out! First, lock the belt on a player and set the timer on the belt. You must solve a series of three challenges, a Skill Challenge, Strategy Challenge and Luck Challenge to retrieve the key that unlocks your friend. If all the tasks are not solved within the time frame on the belt, the player wearing the belt stays captured and everyone loses.

Smooshy Mushy

Smooshy Mushy Bento Box-Snack time has never been smooshier! Each Smooshy Mushy bento box comes with an exclusive, scented Smooshy pet, collector stickers, three mini scented “besties” (one of which is blind) and a super cute display tray. Comes with a try-me package so you can “feel the smoosh”! Also includes a collector poster with a hilarious “find your Smooshy name” game. Bento boxes are themed in a variety of ethnic meal times, from American, to Mexican, to Italian and beyond. Let the smooshing begin! 

Toco Boca

Toca Life: Hospital - Experience the excitement of a busy medical center with Toca Life: Hospital! Welcome newborn babies into the world, treat sick patients and even say goodbye to loved ones. Toca Life: Hospital is a place where you can play out the joy and pain of life in your own way.

Toca Lab: Plants - Have fun experimenting at each station to see how the plants evolve and keep going until you have collected them all! Who says kids can’t be scientists? Toca Lab: Plants brings out the budding botanist in everybody.

Toca Life Vacation:  - Make every day a vacation adventure! Feel the excitement of going through the airport to catch your flight, jumping on a hotel bed and digging for treasure on the beach with Toca Life: Vacation.


Silly Fun DVD: Tinky Winky, Laa-Laa and Po laugh themselves silly with a funny joke and when Dipsy does a funny dance, they all laugh together! Don’t miss the Teletubbies as they learn a new dance, watch children take a ride on a steam train, and look at their reflections in a puddle. 

Let's Sing & Dance DVD: Sing and dance with the Teletubbies in this special collection of episodes dedicated to music and rhythm! In this volume, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po become a pop group, do conga dances over the hills and watch a children’s choir sing.


Light up your world with Pixel Pals; collectible pixel-art renditions of your favorite iconic characters! We want you to show off what you love and shine brightly with Pixel Pals™. Pop in a couple AAA batteries* and you’re all set.

Leonardo™, the fearless leader of the infamous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, is the most driven of the four brothers. Above all else, Leonardo believes in protecting his family. Leonardo is hardworking, driven, and respectful—even when his inexperienced and rowdy brothers get in the way of his ultimate goal to be the best.

Raphael™ is nothing like his disciplined brother (and sometimes rival) Leonardo™. As the most impulsive of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Raphael fights first and asks questions later. Despite his temper, he is fiercely loyal and would do anything to protect his family.

Sonic: Everyone's favorite blue hedgehog, Sonic, is best known for his incredible speed and his ability to survive even the most challenging obstacles. Sonic uses his quick thinking to protect the world from the forces of evil and thwart attacks from his countless foes. With his friction resistant red sneakers, Sonic loves adventure and values freedom above all else. Batteries not included

Shredder: Arch-nemesis of Splinter and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Shredder is a master of Ninjutsu covered in terrifying razor blades. Focused entirely on revenge, Shredder shows no mercy to his enemies and always keeps his mutant henchmen close by. Over the years, he has become one of the Turtles’ toughest opponents.


Based on the true-life adventures of author Melissa Taylor's charming chickens, A Runtamuffin Tale is a delightful new children's book that follows the life of Runtamuffin — or Runti — a tiny chicken with a big personality. Runti becomes the first chicken brave enough to form a bond with one of the farm's largest inhabitants — a beautiful horse named Mariett. All the animals on the farm soon learn that differences in size and outward appearances don't mean a thing in this colorful tale that subtly interweaves valuable life lessons on sharing, believing in yourself, love, friendship, anti-bullying and mutual respect. The 57-page book, wonderfully illustrated by Marc Beauregard, targets children ages 6 to 12 and would make a treasured addition to any family's home or elementary school library. Author Melissa Taylor was born and raised in the small town of Nazareth, Pennsylvania. Melissa's mom filled her childhood home with animals, which cultivated Melissa's love and desire to surround herself with all types of four- and two-legged creatures. She currently lives, owns and runs a farm with her husband in South Florida with 14 chickens, 34 horses, 5 dogs and a cockatiel. 


good2grow serves up nutrition with simple ingredients, no sugar added and nothing artificial. 2,200 reviews with an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 prove we're loved by kids and parents! I love to add these to my kids stockings, always a fun surprise on Christmas morning to see which character they get. You can purchase these at most convenience stores.

Outright  Games 

Ben 10: Inspired by Cartoon Network’s top-grossing franchise, Ben 10 promises to bring exciting new adventures into the incredible universe where some of Ben’s most infamous villains await. Put your puzzle-solving tenacity to the test with Ben Tennyson, Gwen and Grandpa Max in the new Ben 10 game based on the fan-favorite hit TV series. Take on the show’s classic foes and unlock all ten of Ben’s incredible alien forms to foil evil plots and unravel brand new stories in this title releasing Nov. 14 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC for $29.99. Rated E10+ for cartoon violence.


3 National NASCAR Series – The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series and NASCAR XFINITY Series are playable for the first time in nearly a decade. Add in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series and players have over 100 drivers to choose from. New Tracks – 6 new tracks make racing more diverse. 3 road courses, 2 ovals, and 1 dirt track join the 23 updated Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series sanctioned tracks for a total of 29 tracks. New Split-Screen Multiplayer – Two players can race together in head-to-head, local split-screen multiplayer. Deeper Career Mode – Work your way through all 3 NASCAR national series in your own custom car or take over a stock car from the top NASCAR race teams! Expanded Online Gameplay – 40-player online races are back! New this year and for the first time ever, complete the field with AI. New leaderboards, rolling seasons, online cautions, and the new NASCAR stage format create a robust online experience. 1-2 players Network Players 2-40 - Full game requires PlayStationPlus membership to access online multiplayer 20GB minimum save size DUALSHOCK4 Online Play (Optional) 

GameMill Entertainment 

Deer Hunter: Reloaded is a 1st person hunting simulation game based off of the #1 hunting franchise in the World. Deer Hunter will provide an authentic hunting experience. Track and hunt various trophy big game animals such as Whitetail, Mule and Sitka Deer, Big Horn and Dall Sheep, Caribou, Elk and much more. Embark on epic guided hunts in hopes of becoming a “Master Hunter.” Progressive levels in realistic environments, life-like hunting scenarios as well as reactive animal. Daily & Weekly Challenges Bonus Content: Canadian Region

Rapala Fishing Pro Series Rapala is looking to sponsor the next great angler to be part of their Pro Series team, do you have what it takes? Compete in world-class tournaments, weekly challenges all to improve your skills by earning bonus money to climb the ranks and become a professional angler for the #1 fishing brand in the world? Build your reputation, gain sponsors, battle for awards and trophies as you try to catch the top 24-species of fish in some of the most iconic fishing locations in North America. Unlock and choose from 100s of authentic lures and equipment combos as you try to outsmart your competition. Navigate the waters in official Ranger boats equipped with Mercury motors. KEY FEATURES: Unique above and below water catch-cams, Updated Daily Challenges, 100's of lure & equipment combinations, Real world weather conditions, character creator, monster, and legendary fish


For as long as I can remember Highlights have been apart of my life, and now I get to share them with my kids. Just think of the great gift Highlights will make this holiday season. Not only are you giving them a gift which comes monthly, but is also fun and educational as well. You can check out the different  Highlights subscriptions by visiting 

Spin Master

Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Wheel with Tunnel: Make your Zhu Zhu Pet’s life wheely good with the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Wheel with Tunnel! There’s nothing that the energetic Zhus love more than running around on their hamster wheel. Place your Zhu (sold separately) near the tunnel opening and she’ll scurry inside and onto the wheel -- just like a real hamster! For an authentic pet feel, add the Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Wheel with Tunnel to your collection.

Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone for High Speed Racing and Flying: Race on land and blaze across the sky with 2-in-1 Air Hogs Hyper Drift Drone! This RC speeder, measuring 8” x 3” x 2.5”, is both a land vehicle and flying drone! Powered by a turbo drone engine, it can achieve breakneck speed on the ground. When you hit a roadblock, the detachable drone ejects and soars away, continuing the race in the sky! Hit the stunt button and see your drone twist into a 360° barrel roll! Even after a crash, your drone’s self-righting cage ensures it lands upright, making it ready for the next take-off! Race against the best using the Air Hogs 2-in-1 Hyper Drift Drone! Comes in both Green or Blue.


Flip Zee Girls: 

Flip Zee Girls Zandy Candy Sweet and Cuddly 2-in-1 Plush Doll: Kids go crazy for Flip Zee Girls®s! Two dolls in one, unique, soft, and cuddly Flip Zee Girls® easily convert from a 12-inch cuddly baby to a stylish 18-inch big girl doll complete with soft, colorful hair and a chic dress that’s sure to impress. This toy will quickly become a favorite, providing hours of entertainment and companionship. Choose from Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry and Zuri Cat. We have both Flip Zee Girls plush dolls. 

Flipzee Girls Mini Babies Series Pack of 4: Each girl is two dolls in one and features colorful, wacky hair, a beautiful dress, and a unique personality. Collect all Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry and Zuri Cat. These are dolls in which start off as babies and then flip to become cute little girls. They come in different sizes of packages and can be collected, traded, and more. There are over 15 to collect!  You can purchase them here

FlipaZoo Mini Collectible Figures:

FlipaZo Mini's are the fun collectible that starts as one, then you flip for another. There are so many to collect and trade. My kids really enjoy these, and they come in packages of 1, 2, 3, 7 and more. You can purchase here


Playbrites 10" Light Show Night Light Toy with 9pc Magic Fun Face Interchangeable Accessories: Your kids will be delighted by the Magical Light Show on their ceiling when they choose any of Playbrites six colors. Mix and match accessories will spark their imagination while they pop on eyes, ears, mouth/nose, and other fun animal parts, interchangeable with any Playbrite model. When they’re done playing, all 9 accessories store safely inside the unit, for easy cleanup and transportation. The carry handle makes it easy to take Playbrite wherever you go. Your kids will love to say goodnight with Playbrites! Comes in 6 different characters, UnicornKitty, Shark, Dragon/Dino, Puppy and Bunny

Cheered Flag

The cheered flag is about to drop a new Virtual Reality racing experience! Get in the drivers' seat of your own customized kart and race against other players. Race through stunning environments, collect power-ups and use weapons to gain the upper hand over other racers. VR Karts is a fun and family-friendly racing game designed specifically for Virtual Reality.


Disney Princess Travel Vanity:

Sleek, unique, and oh so fun, the Disney Princess Style Collection, is meant for every modern girl with big goals and great style. This gorgeous vanity opens up to reveal a light-up mirror, beauty accessories, and plenty of storage. Vanity comes with handle, folding legs and drawers that fold out from the inside, making it portable and perfect for every girl on the go. Features light up mirror! Handle, folding legs, and fold out drawers make this vanity portable. Includes vanity, hairspray with lid, moisturizer tube, conditioner bottle, shampoo bottle, powder bottle with lid, and hairbrush. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included). Recommended for Ages 3+ 

Daniel Tiger's Sing Along with Daniel Tiger: Sing along to your favorite Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood songs with the sing along with Daniel player. It includes songs such as; "I'm Daniel" and "it's such a good feeling". record yourself, using the real working microphone, singing along to the songs and playing them back for family and friends. Plug into your audio device for more singing fun! built-in handle for easy carrying. Uses 3 "AA" batteries. Built-in songs from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood - record yourself singing along - real working microphone - connect to your audio devise - built-in handle for easy carrying - batteries included. For ages 3+ 

Big-FigStraight out of the new Star Wars film Episode VIII, is a new assortment of JAKKS 20 inch BIG FIGS! Recreate all the action and adventure of the new movie, only with JAKKS BIG FIGS! This incredible 20 inch scale BIG-FIG features 7 points of articulation for fully poseable action and comes with accessory. Celebrate the excitement and action of the new Star Wars movie by collecting all! Designed for kids ages 3+  Check out this Star Wars BIG-FIGS Kylo Ren Episode VIII Action Figure, 20" and this Star Wars BIG-FIGS First Order Storm trooper Episode VIII Action Figure, 20".


Transformers Allspark Tech Starter Pack Shadow Spark Optimus Prime. It is the key to our existence, the essence of life, the source of all power. It is the Allspark cube. Now imagine the power to bring these Transformers figures to life is in kids’ hands with Allspark Tech. Allspark Tech figures unite with the Allspark Tech cube for character-inspired effects (each sold separately). Experience the action with this Transformers Allspark Tech starter pack with Shadow Spark Optimus Prime figure. Comes with Shadow Spark Optimus Prime figure, USB charger, & Allspark Tech cube Allspark Tech cube in pack powers Allspark Tech figures (each sold separately) Cube activates 15+ lights, sounds, and phrases: '1 shall stand. 1 shall fall' Motion unleashes effects so kids control the power Figure converts between robot and truck modes in 5 steps Ages 6 and up. 

Welcome to the world of My Little Pony, a place filled with the magic of friendship! Meet Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, and Applejack! These special friends always stick together. Join them for adventures and fun! Explore Ponyville, the royal city of Canterlot, and all of Equestria, where kids can be introduced to more pony friends! Imaginative playsets help create the world of My Little Pony at home, while fun pony toys have great features including long, colorful hair for styling and accessories for dress up and play! Imagine fabulous fun deep in the land of Seaquestria with Pinkie Pie! Inspired by My Little Pony: The Movie, this Pinkie Pie seapony figure has a beautiful, mermaid-like tail with her signature cutie mark printed on her back fin. Place this seapony in water and watch her swim on her own. Underwater, her tail sparkles and glows! After an exciting day of water play, brush and style her hair with the included comb accessory, too.Includes seapony figure and comb accessory

Transformers: Robots in Disguise Combiner Force Team Combiner Menasor Unleash the power of 5 Transformers figures at once and create a Menasor Team Combiner figure. Click each smaller figure together in one easy step to create this mighty Menasor super robot. Combine forces and join the battle with these figures based on the Transformers: Robots in Disguise animated series. 5 Decepticon figures combine forces to create the sinister Menasor figure Figures click to combine in 1 step Mix and match with other Team and Crash Combiner figures (sold separately) Scan the shield on the figure to unlock Menasor in the app (details below) Be a part of the Transformers Combiner Force. 

All and more can be purchased at most major retail stores and


TENZI Party Pack for 6 players Deck of 77 cards Each card explains a new fun way to play TENZI Ages 7+ You can find Tenzi in most retail stores as well as on Amazon

Magical Tales 

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust - A Christmas Tradition Begin a NEW Christmas Eve tradition in your home. The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is a delightful holiday tale of two small children whose house Santa has never been able to find. It’s Christmas Eve again, and the children fear another year will go by without a visit from Santa. But thru the antics of a giggling, bungling elf, and some magical dust, their Christmas dream come true. Each book is sold with one pouch of magical Santa Dust. Mom's Choice Award for excellence in children's products.

The Magical Tale of Birthday Dust - A Birthday Tradition Begin a NEW birthday tradition with Birthday Dust. Sprinkle Birthday Dust the night before your birthday and watch your birthday wishes come true. Bears are the theme of this magical birthday tale. When three cousins decided to have their birthday party on the same day, the plan to have one big celebration hits a snag. After a number of beary important quests don’t show up, the cousins are left feeling disappointed. Then, a magic pouch filled with Birthday Dust and a puzzling note, turn their day into the beary best birthday ever. Each gift book is sold with one pouch of magical Birthday Dust.

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The Comfort Sock

The Comfort Sock is the first branded offering from well-known manufacturer
Interloop,, whose partnerships include Nike, Puma, Reebok, and much more. 

The brand features sock science including arch support, deep heel pocket for superior fit, cushioned shock absorption zones, and comfort toe seams. 

The Comfort Sock unisex style profiles:

* Compression OTC with energizing compression 
* Anti-Fatigue crew low cut with energizing compression and left/right anatomical fit
* Anti-Fatigue low cut with energizing compression and left/right anatomical fit
* Arikool quarter with moisture wicking hydrophobic fibers and breathable mesh
* Arikool tab with moisture wicking hydrophobic fibers
* Sport low cut
* Sport quarter
* Sport crew
* Dress crew
* Casual crew
* Lifestyle knee high
* Lifestyle liner

* Lifestyle crew

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Arctic Cool

Girl's V-Neck Shirt: She’ll love Arctic Cool’s revolutionary Instant Cooling V-Neck Youth Girl’s T-Shirt for so many reasons. First, it’s designed to wick moisture away from the skin and disperse it throughout the shirt, keeping her dry and comfortable. Second, the shirt’s cooling management system will keep her cool as she plays. As soon as the shirt gets wet, the built-in HydroFreeze X Technology automatically activates, dramatically lowering body temperature. The more she sweats, the more it works. Third, the shirt looks as great as it feels! Plus, all Instant Cooling shirts are breathable and antimicrobial. Girls play just as hard as boys. She needs a shirt that can keep up with her. 4-way stretch fabric for extreme mobility—no binding. Wicks moisture away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you dry. Revolutionary HydroFreeze X Technology* cools down body temperature when the shirt gets wet. Lightweight, breathable high-performance mesh for unsurpassed comfort. Reflective logo for safety. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50. V-neck depth is age appropriate. Wrinkle-free *HydroFreeze X Technology will not activate if shirt is worn under another garment, including vests. Not ideal for sleeping.

Boy's Crew Neck Shirt: Arctic Cool’s revolutionary Instant Cooling Boy’s Instant Cooling Crew Neck Shirt will let him play for hours. It’s designed to wick moisture away from the skin and disperse it throughout the shirt, keeping him dry no matter how much of a sweat he works up. The secret is our cooling management system—it will keep him cool even on the hottest day. As soon as the shirt gets wet, the built-in HydroFreeze X Technology automatically activates, cooling down body temperature. The more he sweats, the more it works. Plus, all Instant Cooling shirts are breathable and antimicrobial. UPF protected. Instant cooling effect. Easy-to-clean. He’ll play all day! 4-way stretch fabric for extreme mobility—no binding. Wicks moisture away from skin and disperses it throughout the shirt, keeping you dry. Revolutionary HydroFreeze X Technology* cools down body temperature when the shirt gets wet. Lightweight, breathable high-performance mesh for unsurpassed comfort. Reflective logo for safety. Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 50. Wrinkle-free *HydroFreeze X Technology will not activate if shirt is worn under another garment, including vests. Not ideal for sleeping.

Cooling Towel: The Arctic Cool® Instant Cooling Towel truly lives up to its name. Just soak the towel with water, and, instantly, the HydroFreeze™ Technology snaps into action. Immediately, you’ll feel the invigorating cooling effect that will help you play harder, no matter where your lifestyle takes you. The uber-light, high-performance mesh absorbs moisture when dry and cools when wet. The unique construction naturally monitors the evaporation rate to ensure a long-lasting cooling result. Just wet the towel, and the cooling effect begins instantly Towel instantly cools body temperature when wet Invigorating cooling effect begins instantly Superior design keeps cool for up to 2 hours Durable & easy to clean, machine washable 27″ x 15″ 

Headband: Why should you wear an Arctic Cool Headband? Not only do our headbands keep your sweat and hair out of your eyes while you’re pushing the limits, the Arctic Cool Headband keeps you cooler, longer thanks to HydroFreeze X Technology. When you begin to sweat, or the headband gets wet, HydroFreeze X Technology automatically activates and wicks moisture away from your forehead, causing a cooling sensation. Plus, silicone beads on the inside of the headband keep it in place, so it will not slip down. Look cool, stay cool with an Arctic Cool Headband! Adjustable and durable. Reflective printing for increased visibility/night safety. Lightweight and breathable. Antimicrobial.


QuartoKids is a site dedicated to making reading enjoyable, they have a wide arrangement of books for all ages and select titles you might enjoy by your browsing preferences. Some examples are: 

Pirates Magnified Hardcover
Grab your magnifying glass and seek out history's most notorious pirates in this swashbuckling search-and-find adventure, packed with over 200 things to spot! Explore the lives of 10 real pirates and learn about life on the high seas, while using the free magnifying glass to spot more than 200 pirate-themed items in each eye-boggling illustration.

Ultimate Slime Paperback 
Written by Alyssa Jagan, a popular Instagramer who earned close to 700,000 followers in a year, Ultimate Slime jumps on this super hot trend by giving kids everything they need to safely create gooey, squishable slimes of every color and with incredible textures. All recipes are 100% borax free

The Snowbear Hardcover 
Enjoy the story of Iggy and Martina, two kids who set out to build a snowman after a particularly heavy snowfall. As they continue to build though, it starts looking more and more like a snow bear! When the children wander too far into the snow, who will rescue them? The heart-warming artwork of The Snowbear and the story of friendship, loyalty, and bravery makes a great book for children and parents to read together.

You can check out all the amazing books by visiting

Super Impulse

Fraggle Rock 4″ Plush Backpack Clips Led by Red and Gobo, the Fraggle critters advocate themes of friendship, tolerance, diversity and caring for the planet, and now they can come with you wherever you go! Perfectly sized 4” backpack clips will delight and engage a whole new audience who will love to take Red and Gobo with them everywhere. Ages: 3+

 Fraggle Rock 10″ Plush Characters Purple haired and level-headed Gobo and the athletic Red, the leaders of the Fraggle Rock crew, now come in a huggable 10” sized plush with a pose-able tail. Bring these colorful and furry creatures out of the Fraggle Rock caves and into your home! Ages: 3+

See Kai Run

See Kai Run is a great shoe company which supplies kids shoes from newborn to size 3. Whether it be for at home, school or play See Kai Run has you covered. None of the shoes have laces, which makes for an easy on and off you can choose from many styles for both boys and girls. See Kai Run makes for the perfect gift that will have your child's feet feeling great and looking great all in one : ) Below are examples.

JaneSubtle scallop trim makes this Mary Jane versatile enough for any occasion. The flexible rubber sole will get her through every day in comfort and style. Butter-soft all-leather Mary Jane Full leather lining and insole provides comfort through breathability Hook-and-loop strap allows for a secure fit and custom adjustability Classic SKR fit provides room for feet to move and grow.

Russell: A mix of materials and colors adds modern touches to these sneakers with double hook-and-loop straps. The vulcanized construction and flexible rubber soles are rugged enough for any activity. Also available in Toddler sizes. Padded collars and tongues for extra comfort Canvas linings and removable sock liner promote all-day breathability Hook-and-loop straps allow for a secure fit and custom adjustability Herringbone lug pattern provides great traction

Check out all the great pairs of shoes from See Kai Run by clicking here

Mission Belt 

Mission Belts have no holes and always fit. Traditional belts only adjust every inch whereas Mission Belts micro adjust every 1/4 inch. The company also sells a la carte buckles and straps to give customers the option to mix and match for their own unique combinations. The belts come in two widths: 35mm and 40mm. The Mission Belt comes in both leather and canvas so everyone wins, I know canvas is great for the more outdoors person. A leather belt is great for school, dressing up, and everyday use. You can view the whole line of Mission Belts by visiting

Jada Toys

Nano Metalfigs! This new line is available at Walmart and features top licenses from DC Comics, Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney/Pixar, WWE and Street Fighter. Each figure is 1.65” scale and 100% die-cast and weighs about 25-30g and has that distinctive die-cast feel. They’re sold in single packs, 5-packs, and 10-packs with the 5 and 10 packs offering exclusive figures. Uniquely display your Nano Metalfigs in a Nano Scenes; diorama sets designed to imaginatively display your figure collections in authentic ways. Each Nano Scene comes with two exclusive figures and features. For example, the Bat Cave, as shown in the image above, comes with exclusive Batman and Robin figures, a Batman symbol on the floor that lights up, and opening garage door and sticker pack.

Moose Toys

When Shopkins go for a spin, what do they ride in? Cutie Cars! The cutest things on four wheels! Each Cutie Car comes with their own Mini Shopkin and their own personality! My kids have been begging for these as we pass them in the toy aisle. Their stocking will for sure have their own cars this year and I know they will love them! There are adorable fruits, sweets, dairy and more! Grab your shopping cart, and start - because once you shop, you can't stop! Be sure to visit the Shopkins Brand Store for more information and products. Learn more about Moose Toys by visiting

Brain Games

You won't believe it! These penguins are real rascals: if your flick is good enough, they can slide not only straight, they can make curves and even jump over the walls. Each player will have to use the best of their skills in order to get the most points in this fun and exciting game. It's not just cool, it's ICE COOL!

HOW TO PLAY In each round one penguin is the Catcher and other penguins are the Runners. Number of rounds equals number of players. The Runners starts from the Classroom and flick their penguin, trying to go through the doors and get the yummy fish of the same colour. By doing so, the penguin gets a Fish card with victory points on it or even extra bonus - additional turn to flick your penguin. The Catcher starts from the spot in the Kitchen and tries to catch all the rascals before all the fish is eaten by bumping into the Runners. Watch out! You can purchase on Amazon

Veronica and the Volcano

Veronica and the Volcano, is about ten-year-old Veronica who lives in a high-tech, gadget-filled house on the slope of an active volcano. When she leaves on a quest to find rare white volcano pearls on the far side of the biggest volcano of all, Mount Mystery, she leads her father, her best friend Maddy, and her friend's dad, the blustering Captain John, into a series of incredible adventures. But when the colossal volcano erupts, fears wins an election, and Veronica must square off against a fear-mongering villain: the Man-in-White. In the book, Veronica and the Volcano kids will root for Veronica every step of the way, and while they are cheering her on, they'll learn as well. Complementing STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) curriculum, the book is filled with educational elements about volcanoes, geysers, caves, and the wonders of physics. A glossary in the back provides an at-a-glance list of the facts in the book. You can purchase a copy at your local bookstore as well as on Amazon here


Bobbi-Toads Paintables are the first-ever sneakers that feature little 'toes' embossed into the rubber cap. Bobbi-Toads Paintable Sneakers can be painted with any nail polish, over & over again, just like your real nails! When you’re ready to switch up your style, simply use nail polish remover to take the old polish off, and you can repaint your Bobbi-Toads sneakers to match any outfit or mood!

Bobbi-Toads Light-Ups, No polish for these “toes” because they already light up in 5 different colors! Customize your look with Bobbi-Stickers! You can find them in both velcro and lace-up, ranging from Toddler Size 9 all the way up to Big Kid 6. PS – If you’re looking for adult sizes, head on over to Jacquelynn Rae. The uniqueness, creative outlet for self-expression, and durability all make Bobbi-Toads the must-have this holiday. 

A little more about Bobbi-Toads: Bobbi-Toads sneakers are fun and creative, allowing kids to paint and create keeping them occupied and off their phones - we love that! :) Bobbi-Toads are eco and animal-friendly! Bobbi-Toads were patented, created and are designed by a Father-Daughter team, Bob & Jacquelynn Stanley - it's all in the family. Starting at less than $50 a pair, they fit every parent's holiday shopping budget too! Bobbi-Toads also donates a portion of proceeds to charitable organizations including Our Lady of the Angels, an inner-city mission in the Stanley's hometown of Chicago. Also new for this holiday season are Bobbi-Dobbiez, which make perfect stocking stuffers. These furry pals accessorize backpacks, shoes, or serve as fun hair ties and fit any budget at only $4.99 each. Check them out by visiting

Haiti Projects 

Haiti Projects..beautiful products hand-made by a cooperative of women in a rural village, this brand provides access to jobs at fair trade wages, education, health care, and avenues for building sustainable community. The second largest employer in a region of Haiti where over 100,000 people live with no electricity or public services, Haiti Projects makes a tangible impact on raising the quality of life for those who need it most. Some examples are:

Embroidered Nightgowns: Whether you want a Garland, Tulip, or Butterfly stitch, each beautiful nightgown is designed for comfort with ample arm opening and a generous skirt falling to the knee. It washes, wears beautifully, and will last for years to come!

The Emma Series

The series begins with “Emma Has a Dilemma!” and each book highlights a different topic in grammar and showcases Emma’s thirst for knowledge, as well as the teachings of Wizard Jake. The collection features life-long lessons, making the series a must-read for both pre-school and elementary school-aged kids. Other titles in the series include “Emma Jane Goes on a Plane!,” “Emma Beams During a Wonderful Dream!,” “Emma Feels Really Uncool in Summer School” and “Emma’s All Gloom as She Cleans Her Room!” You can find all these wonderful series of books on Amazon. 

Golden Bell

Mr Game!:
Mr. Game!™ begins like any other board game until cards with bad ideas come into play. These cards change the game in unpredictable ways. Bend the game to your advantage or mess with other players! Whether you win by accident or you lose on purpose, Mr. Game!™ flips regular board games upside-down! You can purchase here.

Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule!:
Designed by David Luis Sanhueza and illustrated by Mike Maihack, Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! is a card game of rhyme and reason for kids of all ages. For a long, long time, goblins and fairies have lived in a magical world right beneath our noses. Today, a gang of mischievous goblins escaped from the fairy ring, and it is up to you to send them back before they cause trouble! But an ancient spell of rhymes threatens to transform goblins into fairies and fairies into goblins. This beautifully illustrated game will put your rhyming and problem solving skills to the test. Experience something magical! You can purchase here.

Keys to the Capital:

Can you name all 50 state capitals? With Keys to the Capitals, unlock the ability to master the state capitals and state flags in one fun board game for the whole family! Fly around in your custom airplane, collecting the most key cards to win. Building your knowledge has never been more fun. Purchase here.

Batty Betty

In a world that seems to encourage us all to look, talk, think, and act the same and is in a constant state of comparison, how can we teach children from a young age that their differences are actually their strengths, not their weaknesses? 

It all begins with what we show them and tell them, and a wonderful starting point for this important conversation is the engaging, beautifully illustrated new book Batty Betty by children's author Kathryn Hast (LuJu Books). What sets this book apart from others in the stack is its storyline - which is purposefully, delightfully whimsical even as it tackles tough subjects - as well as its lyrical style. Hast wanted to be sure it was just as fun for both parents and children to read while also illuminating ways to approach and take on real and often difficult scenarios. 

Enter: Abel, the tuba; Eve, the sad banana; and Betty, a giant who dances unapologetically to her own drum. When Abel goes out marching by himself, he finds a sad banana named Eve who has been bullied by local beavers. As it turns out, she's not alone. The beavers are also out for Betty, who stands out with her towering height and "batty" behavior. Abel sets out to defeat these beavers, but soon discovers it's not about winning - it's about finding your own music amidst the ruckus and noise. You can purchase this book on Amazon here

Golden Bell

Sunday Comics:

Send your friends and family the gift of laughter with the Sunday Comics from Golden Bell. A nice size printed paper of all kinds of great new funny comics for kids and adults alike to enjoy. You can purchase here.

Robots On The Line:

Robots On The Line Robots on the Line is a creative game for 2 to 4 players where you build and sell robots. It's a perfect balance of fun and strategy. It's great for casual and hardcore players alike. The basic mechanic revolves around robot parts moving down two conveyor belts on the production line. Players take turns pulling robot parts (heads, bases, arms, hands, batteries, antennas and magnets). As players collect parts they are able to build robots throughout the game and once they've met requirements they can sell the robots and earn money. The game ends when all tiles are off the line or when a player builds 4 robots. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins. You can purchase here.

Cauldron is a board game of competitive alchemy for 2 – 5 players. It’s a potent brew of the things we love most in a game – simple but highly strategic game mechanics, lots of variability, some chance, all presented beautiful artwork. We love the folklore around potion brewing, and our passion shows in the little things that make this game so enjoyable. Please help us make it happen! 

Choose to play as one of seven aspiring brewers, and battle to become the Grand Infusionist.

Every Grand Infusionist takes a different path to victory. Will you grow your magic or spend it? Will your potions prove powerful enough? Can you slow down your enemies with a well-timed spell? 

Simple yet deep - Cauldron is simple enough for new gamers, yet rich enough for seasoned veterans. 

Highly interactive – Ignore your opponents at your peril. To win, you must watch them, anticipate their moves and thwart their plans. 

Exciting and fun – We have play-tested Cauldron for more than a year to ensure that perfect balance that makes a game, above all else, fun to play every time. 

If you enjoy the resource collecting mechanics of Lords of Waterdeep mixed with the wacky take-that of Munchkin - you will love Cauldron. You can purchase here.

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