Tuesday, October 3, 2017

How to Have the Best Time at the World Aquarium in St. Louis

Although my family lives in a touristy area that has Disney, SeaWorld, Universal, and much more, we still look for places to visit that have fun things for the kids. We're always looking for amusement parks, aquariums, museums, and other kid-friendly attractions.

One place we are thinking of visiting is St. Louis, Missouri. Recently, I was Googling "aquarium children's" to see what would come up, and I was surprised to find a great one in St. Louis. Take a look at what World Aquarium: A Children's Place has to offer.

World Aquarium: A Children's Place

Image via Flickr by skippytpe

My kids are huge sea life and water fans. They spend most of their time in the water, and on the weekends, they go fishing with their Papa at the local lakes. We also enjoy night fishing as a family at Sebastian Inlet. They're going to love the huge assortment of sea life and hands-on activities.

I showed my kids the St. Louis World Aquarium: A Children's Place website and my daughters are looking forward to seeing the otters and sloths. They are super excited about our trip now that they know they get to visit someplace they will enjoy. They like going on vacation, but knowing they have something to look forward to helps with the trip.

Private Tours

I am looking to surprise the kids by booking a private tour. These happen right when the aquarium closes for the night. What is neat about the private tour is that the kids would be able to help feed the animals. The aquarium also offers a peek tour, which happens when the aquarium opens for the day. There is a four-person minimum for booking.

Learning and Fun

My kids are also really looking forward to seeing all the turtles. My kids can pretty much name every turtle out there. They even have a few turtles as pets that we have saved from the road. We catch and release the bigger ones in local lakes. The best part about taking your kids to places like this is that it is both fun and educational. They don't even know that they are getting smarter.

Where to Stay

Now that we have an idea of where we will be going for this year's vacation I need to book a room. This is where HotelPlanner comes in. All I had to do was type in "St. Louis World Aquarium a Children's Place," and within seconds, I had many options within walking distance of the aquarium. What is nice about HotelPlanner is the website shows me a map of all the hotels in the area. This site also shows me other places I might enjoy while visiting the St. Louis Children's Aquarium.

With HotelPlanner, our trip will be a lot less stressful for me. I will be able to map out what we want to do and know that when we are done with our day, we will have a room ready and waiting. I am super excited for our family vacation and I know the kids are as well. We have a room booked, and we are ready for a new adventure.

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