Sunday, October 8, 2017

Trapper Hooks simply the best!

My sons almost every weekend go fishing with their Papa, they fish at the local lakes and sometimes ponds. One thing that happens all too often is the fish will get away. Although my kids do catch and release it still sucks when you catch a fish but don't get to see the actual fish because the hook straighten. 

Trapper Tackle knows the pain and came out with Trapper Hooks which are heavy duty hooks that are not a simple half circle. Their Make More Casts, Land More Fish. Make The Trapper Hooks holds live bait, natural and artificial lures better. You spend less time re-rigging which means more time fishing. You can improved bait retention which means more presentations that trigger strikes. 

How do you Land More Fish? Sticky sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets. The patented design is difficult for fish to throw. All of this leads to improved hook set and landing ratios. 

See the Trapper Hooks in action below:

My kids are so glad they got to check out these hooks and now want only Trapper Tackle Hooks! They simply are the best and making fishing more fun, and exciting because you never know what is on the other end. Check out Trapper Hooks and many other cool products of Trapper Tackle by visiting

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