Saturday, March 17, 2018

Playbrites a New Way to Play in the Dark

My kids love Flipazoo which is made by Jay@Play. My kids are still asking me to collect the little minis that you can find in different packs at Walmart. Recently Jay@Play came out with a new toy called Playbrites, which since my kids enjoy their other products I figured they will enjoy these new ones as well.

Playbrites are 10" light show night light toy that comes with 9pc magic fun face interchangeable accessories. There are 6 different characters, Unicorn, Kitty, Shark, Dragon/Dino, Puppy, and Bunny. My daughters birthday was coming up so I picked her out a Kitty, and my other daughter asked for the bunny.

The bunny comes with a pink body and the kitty came with a purple body, but at night they can be many colors all at once or you can pick a color for the night. My girls switched bodies because each wanted the other color. My younger daughter lost her nose before I could get the pic so we have the kitty nose on her bunny.

Playbrites are really simple to use, they are a plastic egg which has holes that you can place the parts of your character in for a fun/interesting piece. To turn on your Playbrites, simply press down and it will turn on, to change color press on over and over until you get the one color you prefer or you can set so that it runs through all the colors. Each Playbrites requires 3 AA batteries which are not included with your purchase.

At night the Playbrites project onto the ceiling making for a cute night light star show. When they’re done playing, all 9 accessories store safely inside the unit, for easy cleanup and transportation, which each comes with an easy to attach handle. My daughters really enjoyed having their new night light Playbrites which can be purchased at Walmart and on Amazon.

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