Sunday, June 10, 2018

Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads

Hartz® is a well-known name in our family, we have 2 dogs and 3 cats and well they can sometimes get sick and so on, so we turn to Hartz® to take care of our pets needs. Hartz® recently came out with  Home Protection Quilted Plus dog pads. Although I do not have any puppies anymore my pit bull still will pee inside our house when we sleep or if the grass is wet, which living in FL is often during the summer. 

Like most animals he has a favorite spot in which he always seems to pee when we are not looking, so thanks to the new Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads, I have been able to place them in his favorite spot and not have to worry about clean up now that I have the pads in place. The pads absorb everything he dishes out, I have not once had to clean up under the pad because it is locked in so well all I need to do is pick it up and trash it. 

I have found other uses for Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads, I also sadly have a cat which is older in age and recently has had issues using the cat box so I have placed some around his box for when he just can't get all the way in and the pads catch all the overspill. I also have used them for when my kids are sick and cannot make it to the bathroom in time, although they often will it is nice to know my bed is protected if they don't. 

Along with being super amazing at soaking up whatever your animal, child or whatever you use them for dishes out, the Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads lock in odors! That's right no stink so unless I physically go over to where I have the pad placed and look at it I would never know my pet has used it, how great is that! 

You can find the new Hartz® Home Protection™ Quilted Plus™ dog pads at your local pet stores and most major retail stores, along with many other great products from Hartz®.

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