Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Make floor time more comfy with Gelli Mats by TCG Toys

When little kids enjoy playing on the floor, and why not? it is a huge place in which they can spread out and let their imaginations go. The only issue when playing on a floor though is after a while it becomes kinda painful, even if on the carpet the fact that it is a hard surface can take a beating on their joints. 

One way parents would try and help their child be comfier was to place decorative floor mats like a city or their favorite character but again these mats were thin so they didn't do much good. Finally, TCG Toys came out with the Gelli Mats, which are a thicker mat that has gel in it, kinda like a gel shoe insert but for the floor. 

The Gelli Mats only come in 3 characters right now, which are Paw Patrol, PJ Mask, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but in the works is Fisher Price. The best part about these mats is that they are in fact gel-like, they fit your child's joints so make for a more comfortable play. The mats also can absorb any falls so fewer bumps and bruises. You can start with an infant to toddler and long with the new Gelli Mats. 

If the fact that they have gel in them didn't impress you they are also waterproof! Unlike older floor mats which when your child would dump something you would have to take out and hose off let dry or sometimes even have to trash because the mess was so bad, the new Gelli Mats can just be wiped off, that is a huge deal when dealing with children as they will ALWAYS make a mess even with the most careful of parenting they will find a way. 

Another really amazing factor of the new Gelli Mats is the size! They are a whopping 5.5 ft by 3.5 ft in size, that is pretty huge for a gel mat, you could even get creative and stick under your child's bedsheet at night and let them sleep on it at that size. Each one of the Gelli Mats is double-sided for extra fun. You can purchase the new TCG Gelli Mats on Amazon here

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