Monday, June 25, 2018

What is Summer without Fog Bubbles..........

Living here in Central Fl I am lucky to experience a lot, especially when it comes to having theme parks around me. SeaWorld has a show in which they bring a bubble master who does impressive things with bubbles one in which he fills a bubble with fog. I thought how cool would that be to be able to have that at home....well Fobbles was thinking the same thing apparently :)

Fobbles has come out with the new FFM-BFOGSM Venus Fog Bubble Machine. This machine is soooo cool! The Venus Fog Bubble Machine is super simple to use, you unpack it and plug it in, fill it with fluids and your good to go.

The machine itself comes with a 10 ft cord which plugs into the back so you can turn it on and off as you wish. You need to make sure when using to set the machine on a flat surface also something which can withstand heat as the fog machine will heat up to produce fog. The back of the Venus Fog Bubble Machine has a line in which you can tell how much fluid you have if you run out you could ruin your machine so it is important to pay attention to this.

Once the machine has had time to heat up, you are ready for play. Simply turn on the fog, which for me caught me off guard because it comes out with a force LOL then you can turn on the fan and then you can turn on the bubbles. I learned you leave all these in the on position and turn off the main switch if you wish to turn off for a little while.

So now for the fun part, once the machine has warmed up (which you will get a light on the remote to let you know so) and the buttons are on you will soon have a room filled with fog and bubbles which have fog in them. I sadly do not own any black lights, but I could only imagine how cool they would look off them.

The Fobbles Venus Fog Bubble Machine also has extra features in which you can purchase to make life a little more simple, like the Wireless Control Unit, this is my personal favorite as I scare my kids with it and my dogs. It works from 50 feet away and works like a car door opener just press the button and it sets it off. The other option in which you can purchase is the Variable Control Timer, this is more for your party setting it helps control the machine so that you can have it run for a second and how long to burst so basically you could almost have it set to a music if you wished.

Another thing I found out when testing it on the pool is that you can run it as only a fog machine or only a bubble blower, which when running as a bubble blower it goes for a longer period of time.

My dogs were inside when I made the video and as you can see they enjoyed it, my kids also have enjoyed it. Fobbles can be purchased through, or on Amazon for $124.99.

I tested it on our pool and it was fun watching as the bubbles bounced off the water and some stuck which we enjoyed popping

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