Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Kitty Box Ramp making it easy for cats to do their business

I love my cats and I do anything to make their lives as easy as I can. My cat Milo has a hip issue so he is not able to get around like he would wish, jumping in and out can be a huge issue for him. I have seen a lot of those stairs for dogs to get up onto the bed but what about cats and similar things that are still not so easy for the cat box? 

The Kitty Box Ramp is the answer, it is the first Green, 100% recyclable, cat box ramp. It allows arthritic, senior, and disabled cats to get in and out of the litter box comfortably. Even better they are Veterinarian approved and made in the USA. Available in blue, lavender, and gray. The MSRP range is $34.95 - $39.95 with replaceable tread packs ranging from $9.95 - $14.95. 

I love how easy the Kitty Box Ramp is to assemble and all my cats use it even though I mainly got one to try out for my hip kitty. You fold everything into the ramp shape, then slide under and over your cat box and poof it is good to go. Once the Kitty Box Ramp has had enough I can simply remove the center and toss it in my recycle bin for pick up. You can check them out at 

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