Friday, February 22, 2013

Check out the New Schick Hydro Razor!


I was given a chance from BzzAgent to test out the new women's Schick Hyrdo Razor! I love how great it made my legs feel after shaving. What made my legs feel so silky smooth? Each Schick Hyrdo Blade has a bunch of gel inserts at the top and bottom of the blades which all you have to do when taking a shower is wet and shave! Yes that's all pick up the  Schick Hyrdo Razor wet it and start more soap, no more shaving cream just wet and go!

I love that it cut my shaving time in half. When you're a mom of 5 you don't have time to relax and take long in the shower so this was a great addition to my routine and now i have silky soft legs more often than not.

You can purchase your own Schick Hyrdo Razor at most major retail stores. Don't waste one more minute on your legs. Go get one today.

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