Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Peepers Reading Glasses Review


My mother in laws eyes suck she has really bad cataracts so its makes it very hard to see, I was able to get a very nice set of reading glasses for her to be able to have some light again.

My mother in law loves pink so I was able to pick out a cute pink frame turtle style glasses,  they are really cute, made me wish I needed reading glasses.

I went with the Looker frames because of my mother in law loving pink, they match almost everything she wears. The glasses have a spring hinged for added comfort, and come with a cute off pink carrying case. What makes Peepers Reading Glasses all the rage is the prices they are great the ones I got for my mother in law are only $21! That is a great deal.

Peepers carries all types of reading glasses which fit everyone's life style. You can get strength from +1.00 to +4.00  that is a  big selection. I also love how Peepers Reading Glasses has color when you go to a department store most reading glasses are dull and only come in black or brown whoo how fun is that.....NOT.  Peepers carries 17 colors, 5 patterns, and 5 shapes. Check out Peepers Reading Glasses today for all your eye needs, just click here to see all the great selections of reading glasses.

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