Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dropcam A New Spin on Peace of Mind

Most of us have seen baby monitors that have video and you can watch from one end to the house to the other without being in the room. Or we have alarm systems that someone else can do the watching for you. What if you could get the best of both worlds and not even have to spend as much?

The Dropcam is a WiFi Video Monitoring system, so all you need is wifi and a computer or smart phone. The Dropcam is a motoring system so you can watch your kids when not at home (of course kids who can be left alone!) think of it as a nanny cam.

I honestly loved the idea of this when I had received it but I had put it off because I thought it would take forever to install, but I was very wrong I didn't even have to load a disk into my drive, it just came up and I was automatically seeing myself on the camera. 

The Dropcam only takes a few minutes to set up, you get can set it up to get alerts, it has night vision, you can have conversations and it records 24/7. Think of all the possiblites the Dropcam can offer. Think your kids are doing what they shouldn't you can find out. Think someone is unfaithful sadly another way to see what is going on. You can even use it as a baby monitor for watching those last minute babysitters. Something out of place when you come home you can see who is there.

The Dropcam has so many uses and the fact that you can record sounds, and it has night vision is a huge plus in my book.

I know I have issues with my kids making a mess when I am at work, I also have a cat who likes to use the bathroom in my kids room, so I used it to monitor these problems, as well as a few others I have. I also have used it to capture a few fun moments in time which the kids are acting funny but yet the camera isn't charged or I am not home to capture that moment.

I really love my Dropcam and recommend it to family and friends. Its a long term motoring device for penny's that a alarm system would cost, yes it does not send alerts to a break in but if anything is to happen we have proof, which is peace of mind.

 Because it is linked to your personal wifi you can simply go on the link and it will take you right away to be monitored, there is a little delay but its like less then a second! It also has a time management so lets say you only want it to record when you have a sitter or no one is home you can set it to turn on and off for those hours! How great is that!

How easy is it? Step one connect Dropcam to computer using usb.  Then read what comes up on your screen. Its that simple. I placed my Dropcam just over our kitchen so that it covers both front and back doors.  It is recording my whole living room area, and it picks up even whispers! I love having this will be neat to see what all it catches when I am gone. You have your own personal webpage which has a password so you can view your family. Click here for more info on how to buy your own .

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