Monday, July 29, 2013

Stetson Mansion A Carpenter and A History Buff's Dream

The Stetson Mansion is a wood workers dream house. The Stetson Mansion is a huge part of history, the Stetson family was one of the first to do beaver skin cowboy hats, and they also make their own Bourbon.

I had a chance to visit the Stetson Mansion, and along with visiting it I was among a few select people to photographic this gorgeous home. The Stetson Mansion is a one of a kind home made back in 19th century it was the very first home to have a Thomas Edison electrical outlet which powered the whole home until not to recent of time which they still have the breaker box with tags signed by Thomas Edison.

You can find the Stetson Mansion located by Blue Springs FL in DeLand county all though you would never expect to find such a masterpiece in such a area. Being a daughter of a craftsmen I can appreciate more the hard work that went into the making of the Stetson home. You have to think back on when this home was made there really wasn't much in tools like there is today so most everything was hand made! Each floor in the Stetson Mansion is different, each flooring has its own pattern and all is wood. The Stetson's had glass sent from France that bows because its not made with a machine but hand done, so you can see out the window but you can see the glass and how it bows a little.

The Stetson Mansion is 3 stories tall, has 10 rooms and 13 bathrooms. The master bedroom had what once was a Butler's room, made into a walk in closet with a full bath room. It was very neat to hear all the history of the home, the Stetsons even had their own rooms which seems to be coming back in fashion.

This is a home worth visiting there is so much to see and learn when you visit the Stetson Mansion. It is located at
  • 1031 Camphor Lane
  • DeLand, FL 32720
You can read up more and view the website by clicking here.  

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