Monday, July 15, 2013

Vivitar Full HD 1080P XVN1 Video Recorder Review

By looking at the picture I first saw of the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder I thought it was going to be a good size camera, like most out there.. a little over a mens wallet size. I was shocked at how small it really is. It's no bigger than a normal cell phone, which is great because it's easy to stick in any pocket.

The Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder is a nice light weight HD video camera that has touch screen. I love that it is very simple the zoom in and out button is on the outside of the device so all you do is move your finger. The record button is located on the back of the camera so you can tap it like a pen and your recording with ease.

Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder can record in 4 types of quality. 
  • Normal
  • High Bit Rate
  • Super Fine
  • Fine

Along with quality you can pick from 5 different types of resolutions.

Compact size, powerful features.  The Vivitar XVN-1 will blow you away with its crystal clear 1080p video and still image quality.  The XVN-1 is small and light enough to bring with you no matter where you go.  Sports events, family activities, and outdoor expeditions can be captured to remember forever.  Enhanced 4x Digital Zoom and a bright 3" Touch Screen LCD make this DVR easy to use, even for the beginner.

I know as a mom, I often find myself sometimes thinking  if anything happens to me will my kids have photos or video of me? I really enjoyed the time lapse film feature. You can do it with 3 different settings 1 minute, 3 minutes, and 30 minutes. Great for making a video of myself for the kids to have one day.

I like how I can use my memory card to record and store video. I don't have to worry about a disk, or video tape just stick in a memory card and go. The camera also downloads and charges with just the use of a USB cord so you can use it anywhere.

There are many settings for recording on the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder. You have sand/snow, fireworks, aquarium, and 7 others to choose from, that's a lot of options! Also, you have lighting options which I myself always prefer auto so I don't have to think as much, but you have 6 options to choose if you want.

One of my favorite features of the camera has to be the sepia setting. It makes it look like your doing an old film. You can also choose black and white, art, and 3 other effects.

I used the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder to record my kids saying hello and bye, this is on the auto setting on an overcast rainy day.

I used the Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder to record  fireworks we set off so you can see how well it records in the night. I didn't know of the fireworks feature until the following day so this is normal on auto nighttime.

Last I recorded my kids once again saying hello and bye only using the sepia setting. I really love this feature of the camera because it makes it like your recording a old film.

I really enjoy my Vivitar XVN1 Video Recorder and use it daily on all kinds of things. I love the idea of having a video camera because you never know what you might capture. You can purchase this camera in 3 colors red, blue and black.

Check out the Vivitar XVN1 Video Camera by clicking here.

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