Saturday, August 10, 2013

Gatorland Adventure Park Orlando Florida Oldest Attraction

Back in November 2006 most of us got phone calls turn on the news Gatorland is on Fire, and it was, it looked like a fire breathing dragon coming from the entrance of the park but Gatorland would not go down in flames it had been and has been to much of Florida's history.

You can see what I am talking about in this local news 6 report just click here.

I had been to Gatorland a lot when I was younger and had took my oldest son when he was about 6 months old and hadn't been back until just recently with all 5 of my kids. I am not gonna lie it scares the daylight out of me going but Gatorland is a safe and secure park that makes it feel like your able to be among such massive gators.

Gatorland has been in Orlando Florida since 1954! It started as a guy and his side show to a much needed educational park. Gatorland was able to reserve the massive gator head that was the entrance for the former park that had burnt down, which was by Frank Godwin in 1962, and it just celebrated its 50th anniversary last year!

Michael and Joshua are my big on animals kids, Michael especially loves all things nature, so it was great to bring him to a park which is nature. We had a chance to do the behind the seines Adventure tour on which we fed the gators, no I don't mean throwing hotdogs into the water I mean throwing blood meat right next to the gators mouth! Needless to say I was a freaked out mom I mean one wrong move and my kid could be gator meat, but since it was a once in life time thing I let my boys do it. They loved it and fed the gators a few times (see the worried grip!) I was still shaky but glad they got to enjoy it.

Gatorland has a boardwalk on which goes about a half mile throughout the swamp, all is natural nothing has been fixed so you have a few trees you might have to duck under. While we were on the boardwalk, Peanut Paige's son caught a smaller turtle which of course all the kids had to have a pic with before placing him back in his swamp home.

Gatorland has Alligator wresting which is about a 30 min show, that involves a guy who pulls a gator out by its tail, and then proceeds to jump on its back holding its mouth open, placing his face dangerously close to the gators mouth, and much more. Its a show that is sure to make you jump.

 Gator Jumping which they string up chickens (like what you would buy at a grocery store whole) and hold them out and watch the gator jump straight up standing on its tail almost. The gator jumping is more a educational experience showing you just how strong a gator is along with how fast they can be.

 Gatorland is not limited to only reptiles,also they have goats, snakes and even have birds which you can purchase a stick and feed the birds, kids loved that.

The kids really had a blast in the water park section which has all kinds of water spots to run through! We would go to the water park, look around, back to the water park it was great and plenty of seats for parents to sit back and watch in comfort. We had a great time visiting the park and look forward to returning.

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  1. never been there,would love too

  2. I believe I was at Gatorland when I was a little kid.

  3. I've never been to Gatorland but will be visiting Orlando soon and would love to go.

  4. We haven't, yet. On the agenda this year!