Monday, August 12, 2013

I See Me Specialize in Personalized!

My daughter will be starting Pre-K soon so that means packing snacks and such for her journey. Since she was born, we have called her by her nickname "Buggy". So when I got a  chance to check out the site I See Me I was happy to find their new product launch of personalized lunch boxes!

I picked out what I thought was the cutest one which was the butterfly pattern. It turns out I was right! It has butterflies all over it with a pink background and the sides are brown with flowers. My daughters nickname is on all sides with the exception of top and bottom. My daughter has learned to recognize her nickname so she knew right away that this was her box!

I really love the lunch box, its very old school with it being tin. I love how there is no way it can be left behind because it is a one of a kind piece made for my daughter! What makes the personalized lunch box even better? It has a chalk board inside so you can remind your child daily how much you love them.  Not only is I See Me a place to get personalized lunch boxes you can also get personalized books.

The books are very nice and tell a story of your child growing up, counting, adventure and more you can see all the many options by clicking here. Your child will truly love reading a book about themselves, even better yet because the book has your child's name it in it helps with better focus and reading skills. School is just around the corner so why not start your child's school year off right with a personalized lunch box which you can see all your choices by clicking here.

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