Sunday, September 29, 2013

Give Kids the World Village, Kissimmee, FL

I have lived in Kissimmee, FL my whole life and driven by the Give Kids the World Village area many times. I knew it was for kids who have hard battles in life to face but I also thought that it was a fancy hospital like setting,
Boy was I wrong!

Give Kids the World is an awesome place to go as a family and forget all your troubles. It's a fun interactive place which kids rule. Families come for a week, all expenses are paid for, so food, activities, transportation everything is included.

Give Kids the World has different themes throughout the week, every Tuesday is Halloween which kids can dress up and trick or treat, every Thursday is Christmas which they have a parade, party, reindeer games, even Santa makes the trip once a week and hands out gifts. Give Kids the World houses 140 villas, each villa is set up with a full kitchen, 2b/2b and living room. Each day children have gifts waiting for them when they come back from the parks.

Give Kids the World has the World's Largest Candy Land Game, which the kids get to be the character. The Village also has horse back riding, Dino Putt putt which has some very neat effects when you get the ball in the whole, a Train, game room, spa, and so much more.

Give Kids the World is maintained on donations only 8% of everything you donate goes towards something other then the kids. All staff is volunteers some just out to care, others who have experience the wonders of the village and like to give back. Its great to see people all coming together for the good of children even theme parks come together to give the best experience they can for these children. Over 30 thousand kids a year are diagnosed with a illness, that's only in the United States, Give Kids the World reaches out all over the world no child is left behind. They can have someone up in a villa within 24hrs of a doctors okay.

I donated here and there to Give Kids the World but after truly learning about it I will be watching more to help in ways I can. If you would like to volunteer you can sign up here, you can start at the age of 12 with a adult and 16 without. If you would like to make a donation to a great cause please do so here.

It was a very humbling experience to see what families go though on a daily bases and to watch children smile, and laugh even when dealing with such battles.

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