Sunday, October 6, 2013

Puffs more than Tissue

Puffs has come out with a whole new line of facial products! That's right the fluffy tissue brand now has cleansing cloths for your face!

First we have Puffs Fresh Faces which is a nose and face wipe made with natural saline and it's available in  fragrance free or light lavender. I personally love these, they are like soft baby wipes which are great for a fast pick me up, I use them at work and after I do I feel refreshed since I am able to get the dirt and oils off my face in seconds. The great thing about the product is they are already moist and have their own container which pops open for easy use. The light lavender ones are a great way to end your night, wipe clean, and your refreshed but relaxed with the scent of lavender, which makes falling asleep even more wonderful. Each box contains 45 wipes.

When I am feeling a little stuffy I love to use Vicks but I really don't like how it feels and makes a mess, Puffs has the fresh faces nose and face wipes with the scent of Vicks! I love this product the most I don't know how many times it has made my nights last longer and helped my children since it is gentle on them as well get a great nights sleep. The Vicks scent can be carried in a purse, bag, diaper bag or fanny pack pretty much anything you can think of with its smaller size of 15 wipes and being about the size of a set of travel tissues. They are also moist and have a protective plastic which opens and closes for easy use.

The travel packs of Fresh Faces also come in the fresh scent which smells like blossoms.

I really love the new line from Puffs it has brought a new life to my family who suffer from allergies, colds and everyday life. Its a great way to teach kids how to keep their face clean and clear without to much work.

Look for your Fresh Face Puff products in major retail stores. All products mentioned above can be purchased as a 15 or 45 count.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way.

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