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Kids Guide 2013 Great Gifts for the Young and Older!

***Bubble Guppies***

Bubble Guppies Rock & Roll Stage Features Molly and her rock lobster drummer ready to perform two of their greatest hits. Kids can help Molly get ready for the big rock show in her dressing room, then roll her down the ramp past Mr. Grouper as she bursts through the star-shaped door into center stage amidst the flashing lights and music. Molly's the star of the show with her fellow Bubble Guppies rocking along with her! Requires 3 "AA" batteries. You can purchase at ToysRUs. 
Retails at $22.99
Bubble Guppies Rock & Roll Figures-These rolling friends are dressed and ready for a rock & roll show! Each play pack comes with two rolling figures and an accessory! Figures can be used with the Rock & Roll Stage (Sold separately). 
Can be purchased at ToysRUs. 
Retails at $9.99

***Winx Club***

Winx Club Sirenix Deluxe Fashion Dolls-The Winx Club's latest magical transformation, Sirenix, is making a splash! Whether on land or under the sea, these girls are always riding the wave of fashion. Features sparkly wings, water-inspired fashion and cold water-activated color change hair. Collect all six dolls!
Can be purchased at ToysRUs or major retail stores.
Retails at $19.99

***Lego TMNT***

Lego Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Kraang Lab Escape-Give the villains the slip with a hot slice of turtle power! The Kraang has Michelangelo locked tight in a laser-shield prison inside his lab. Use Michelangelo leftover pizza to turn a sticky situation into a slick escape! Slide the pizza through the prison bars to make the Foot Soldier slip and fall! Then activate the explosion function on Michelangelo cage to escape!Once he's free, battle The Kraang in his awesome mech walker with dual laser flick missiles. Be ready for a wild ride through the city sewers when The Kraang detaches the mech walker's legs to create a flying escape pod! Don't let  him get away!
Can be purchased at ToysRUs. 
Retails at $12.99


Dora Carnival Fiesta Game-Join Dora, Boots and friends for their party at the carnival! A cooperative effort to collect ticketsby playing carnival style activites like ring toss, feeing apples to barn animals, knocking over milk bottles, and other fun games. Turn over tickets at the end of play to reeal puzzle images. Together, complete the spectacular carousel puzzle in the middle o f the game board. There are 6 different carival activities to play. BONUS Dora and Boots pawn figures included! 
Can be purchased at most major retail stores and ToysRUs. 
Retails at $19.99

***Boom Boom Balloon***

Boom Boom Balloon is a great game for all ages! I love this game for family night because the idea behind it is simple and my year old daughter is able to play with my supervision of course. Pressure mounts with each roll of the dice as players take their turn to poke the balloon. With every roll, the balloon stretches, squishes and strains, wondering if the next poke will make it pop. There are 12 silly-faced balloons inside the box and players can contact Spin Master to order additional balloons. No Batteries Required. Ages 8 years and up. Can be purchased at ToysRUs . Retails at: $14.99


Lets face it kids love to break crayons so what a better way to make new and fun ones with all the pieces then the Crayola Melt N' Mold Factory! Look forward to creating unique, multicolored crayons and rings with this one-of-a-kind craft kit. Add a custom combination of colorful crayon bits to the melting tray, then turn it on and watch crayons melt together. With an included crayon and ring mold, pint-sized Picassos can pour the melted wax to transform crayons into custom multicolor creations – no two crayons or rings are the same. Includes melting tray, 24 crayons, 2 molds and 1 mold holder. No batteries required. Ages 8 years and up. Look for this and other great Gift/Stocking Stuffer ideas from Crayola at all retail stores!  You can find the Crayola Melt N' Mold Factory at ToysRUs! 
The Crayola Melt N' Mold Factory Retails at: $54.99


Bkeepsakes has many great ways to give a great Holiday Gift or activity. Check out these new place mats from bkeepsakes which are personalized to for your child!  They have activities on the back of them that your child can color in and wash and color again. I also found while looking at that they have Personalized letter from Santa which come addressed and can be mailed out so your child gets a special letter from Santa closer to Christmas. Not only is bkeepsake good for the Holidays its great for any occasion. Make the gift you give come from the heart with
Placemats retail at: $12.95
Letters from Santa retail at: $5.99

***Boys! dENiZEN from Levi's***

Check out the new look from Levi's called the dENiZEN. You can purchase these jeans at Target! They have a few styles to choose from like skinny fit which comes in a few colors as well.
They are super durable which anyone with kids knows how easy it is to blow out a knee but the dENiZEN last longer then the avg pair of jeans.
Hurry and Check out Targets website here for great saving on these jeans! 
Retail at $21.99


Look at this adorable Santa Kris Jingle, he sings and sways while his hat moves back in forth. I love the site what is super great about Cuddle-Barn is that they have video of what you can expect. I never knew plush toys could do so much, I am using my Santa as decor. There is so much to choose from Cuddle-Barn that will make for great decor, gifts or whatever else you see fit. Check out all the great fun plushes by clicking the link here. Guess what to add to this fun site you can get 5% OFF your purchases on their website from now until 12/25/2013! Use this coupon code it's HOLIDAY13. Can be used it at check out!  Please note they offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders to the Continental USA.
Kris Jingle Retails at $29.99
Win One! 

***Micro Chargers***

Like cars? Like fast cars? Check out these fun fast electronic quick charge cars. The Micro Chargers are a fast pace toy which kids give a car a quick charge and cars reach speeds of 600mph! (scale speed) You can charge the cars so they will even JUMP! 2 lanes for double the fun. Each pack comes with 2 types of cars on for stunts and other for speed. You can find these games and more at Toys "R" Us and in most major retail stores. 
Retails at $29.99


A fun stocking stuffer idea is the Gelarti which is a set which you can design your own gel art. Each pack comes with over 25 stickers and 4 colors of gel markers. Make your pictures come alive with Gelarti. You can purchase Toys "R" Us and in most major retail stores. 
Retails at $12.99

***Blingles Glimmer***

Sick of plan stickers? Check out Blingles Glimmer a fun way to make your stickers pop. Blingles Glimmer is a fun set of marker/paints that you can color stickers and gems which you can then add to your favorite item to make it pop. Each set of Blingles Glimmer comes with coloring sheets, sticker pages and more. You can purchase Blingles Glimmer at Toys "R" Us and in most major retail stores. 
Retails at $8.99 

***BubbleBum Inflatable Car Booster Seat***

BubbleBum is the ultimate in cost effective, portable, lightweight booster seat needs. Whether the family is heading to school, carpooling or on a family vacation, BubbleBum is a must-have for every family to ensure your children are never without a car booster seat. Great for travel! 

Price: $39.99
Availability:, as well as online at, and several premier sites

***SebaMed Baby Lotion***

SebaMed Baby lotion restores skin to 5.5 pH
Used year round helps that its a lightweight lotion
Hypoallergenic, non irritating, dermatologist tested formula
Absorbes fast for a non greasy look and feel

6.8oz bottle can be purchase for $12.99 by clicking here.
Win a Bottle!

***VTech Home Phone***

VTech cordless answering system with Caller ID/Call Waiting model CS6529  which comes in red or green!  Kids love to talk on the phone and its always fun having to answer it just for your teen. Why not get them  a nice fun color phone that they can personally have in their own room?!? Check out this phone and more at your local retail stores also you can click here and go directly to VTech's website.
Retails at $29.95
Win One!
***Sakar High Definition Kids Earbuds***

Sick of hearing your kids music from there room, or them always loosing your headsets. Check out the Sakar High Definition Earbuds for kids. Kids will surely enjoy their own personally headset which will keep yours safe and them happy. Check out all the fun characters to choose from by clicking here. You can find these and other earbuds in most major retail stores.
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***My Little Pony Headphones***

These adorable Pinkie Pie My Little Pony headphones are perfect for listening to your favorite songs! Compatible with smartphones, MP3 players, tablets, etc. They provide volume control also. They are super soft and fit comfortably on the ears of your child. 
Can be purchased at Walmart and other retail stores. 
Retail at $19.99 
Win One!

***Safari Ltd***

I am sure you have seen these in most toy stores and the tubes at learning facilities but did you know you can go to the website and purchase them directly? My kids spent hours looking just at the book! I even looked at the book of all the amazing products that Safari Ltd has to offer. These toys make great stocking stuffers and great gifts when bought in bulk. FYI the Salamander glows in the dark! Your child will love discovering what is out there and using their imagination with these heavy duty long lasting toys from Safari. Check out these great toys and others from Safari Ltd by clicking here.

***BrightLight Pillow***

As seen on TV the BrightLight Pillow its a pillow that is also a nightlight! The BrightLight Pillow is super comfy and comes in 3 fun shapes Square, Heart and Twinkling Star (new)! Pillows change colors! The pillows are super comfy and require 3 aa batteries, all pillows turn off after 15 minutes!
You can purchase your BrightLight Pillow at Walmart or click here!
Retails at $19.99

***Peppa Pig***

Watch Nick Jr? Love Peppa Pig? Check out all this great gear from Childs Play company. Muddy Puddles Bathtime Peppa is a fun bathtime toy which George can squirt water and Peppa's muddy spots are removed when you brush her. Bedtime Peppa Pig talks and sings a lullaby to help your little one fall asleep. Her cheeks light up while she sings and she even has her own blanky. Read your child a bedtime story like Peppa Pig Busy Day at school a fun easy book with lots of great illustrations. Finally when they wake up in the morning have them start their brains with a fun 24 piece puzzle which features Peppa Pig!
You can find all these great toys and more at local retail stores.
Click here for more fun with Peppa Pig!

***Road Rippers***

What child doesn't like cars! Check out the some of these fun cars from Child's Play company. Road Rippers are fun cool looking cars or trucks which have built in sounds and motion. The buttons on the top of cars allow for you to have the car go forward and backwards, side to side, and blast some fun music jams while lighting up! Road Rippers RC cars are great remote cars which you can control with a controller. You can run them up a ramp, get them doing a crazy 8, or whatever you can imagine your cars have the freedom to do what you want. The RC cars light up also! You can purchase these cars and other great cars from Child's Play at most major retail stores!
Check out these great cars and others by clicking here.


Teeny Mates are the newest from Party Animal! Last year they released Team Mates which are 2 inch figures that look like little players from foot ball, basket ball or whatever sport your into. Now Teeny Mates are cool little dudes that fit in your pocket! You can collect and trade them like you would with players cards. Like Team Mates Teeny Mates are select teams of which ever sport your into. Try and collect all to make puzzle which each comes with 2 pieces. Check out Teeny Mates here. They make a great gift/stocking stuffer for the Holidays.
Retail at $4.99
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***BrAun Forehead Thermometer***

New mom? Check out BrAun newest Forehead Thermometer! It works great on both infants to adults. Professional accuracy by a simple swipe over the forehead. Kids hate to sit still even with a fever so this is a great get it done device which you can get results in seconds! Has a large screen to show temperature as well as 3 colors green for good, yellow for getting hot, and red for time to think about a visit to doctor.  You can purchase this product at most major retail stores and see what else BrAun has to offer by clicking here.
Retails at $59.99
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***Doc McStuffins All Better Game***

Make the boo boos go away like Doc McStuffins! Each slap bracelet bandage is a different mystery ouchie. Take turns trying to figure out which doctor tool will make things all better! It’s a fun game of pretending and playful problem-solving!  This is a great game which helps promote matching, memory skills and turn-taking along with working in a group activity. For ages 3 and up for 2 or more players. Can be purchased at most major retail stores or on Amazon
Retails at $24.99
***Sofia the First Magical Tea Time Game***

Retails at $19.99
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***Jake and the Never Land Pirates Shipwreck Beach Treasure Hunt Game***

Yo ho, let’s go! Captain Hook has buried pirate booty all over Shipwreck Beach. Flip over the gold doubloons and use Jake’s spyglass to decode the secret clues. When you get a match, get up and go! Snag the correct treasure with the foam sword and hurry back to score! This game helps to promote physical dexterity, matching skills and memory skills. Ages 3 and up, 2 or more players. Can be purchased at most major retail stores and on Amazon
Retails at $24.99
***Justice League Axis of Villains Strategy ***

The most dangerous villains in the universe have combined forces to attack the Justice League satellite. Play as SupermanBatmanGreen Lantern, or The Flash and team up to defeat them in this powered-up strategy game! For ages 8 and up for 2 or 4 players. Promotes cooperation, teamwork and strategic thinking. You can purchase this game only at Target! or on Amazon
Retails at $24.99
 ***Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -Flying Attack***

Send the Turtles flying to knock off Shredder’s Foot Clan as they climb the big, teetering tower, or play as Shredder racing to get your ninjas to the top to win! This game helps to promote strategic thinking and deductive reasoning. For ages 6 and up 2-5 players. Can be purchased at most major retail stores or on Amazon
Retails at $19.99

***Disney's Eye Found It***

The jumbo game board is rich with whimsical artwork and favorite Disney characters, making this game a family favorite. Join Mickey Mouse and friends on an exciting race through 12 exquisitely illustrated Disneyrealms, from Radiator Springs and Alice’s Wonderland to Peter Pan’s Never Land and Pooh’s Hundred Acre Wood. Throughout the race, everyone searches for iconic Disney objects...and gets a chance to say, “I found it!” This game helps to promote cooperation along with teamwork, observation skills, attention to detail, reinforces object identification and matching skills. This game is for ages 5 and up and 2-6 players. Can be purchased at most major retail stores and Amazon.
Retails at $24.99

***Instant Geodesic Dome***

What a better gift then a gift for the great outdoors like this Instant Geodesic Dome from Hammacher Schlemmer. 
This is the geodesic dome that assembles in less than 15 minutes for indoor or outdoor play. It provides a durable, safe structure for children to scramble over, under, and through, building agility as they climb. Each of its 52 bars supports up to 150 lbs. when secured with the included snap-in connectors yet unlike traditional metal climbing domes, the sturdy PVC plastic construction is lightweight, and it will not rust, peel, or become too hot or cold to the touch as seasons change. Ages 3 and up. 50" H x 70" Diam. (27 lbs.) Hammacher Schlemmer has all kinds of great items for the Holidays. Like the one mentioned or other for kids, men, women, family and pets! Check out all the great items Hammacher Schlemmer has to offer by clicking here
Instant Geodesic Dome Retails at $199.95

***Zeenie Dollz***

Zeenie Dolls are a eco friendly doll made from recyclable materials! The dolls are a eco friendly group which help promote clean habits for the earth. Kazumi is the protector of Polar Regions, Lina is the protector of Rainforest Preservations, Evee is protector of Clean Air, Yana is protector of Marine life, and finally Sini is protector of Green Farms and Animal Rescues. Each of the Zeenie dolls has a importance which is great to share with your child. You can interact with the Zeenie crew here
Zeenie Dollz Retail at $39.99

***Dots on Tots***

This is the perfect cute product that also protects your little one in the cold, winter weather. Dots on Tots, was created to help protect your toddler’s ears, nose and throat. When you’re taking your little one out in the cold you can protect him/her from illness. The innovative hat design of Dots on Tots features flaps that serve to protect infants and toddlers from cold weather, wind, and ear, nose and throat infections. The brand also offers special ear protection hats that feature an added benefit of 50% noise-reduction ear inserts, shielding infants and toddlers’ delicate ears from loud sounds.  All hats are 100% organic, eco-friendly and made in the USA. You can see all the different Dots on Tots hats by clicking here
Retails at $19.99-$34.99

***Hello Kitty Camera***

Have a child who likes to take pics? Look at this fun changeable face cover hello kitty camera. Has a 1.5" preview screen, takes 2.1 mega pixel pics. Can hold up to 120 pics! Comes with a creative center which you can add frames to your pics, make a diary, scrapbook and even stickers! Polaroid also has other cameras besides Hello Kitty like Spiderman, the Avengers and so much more. You can find this camera and others at local retail stores. Visit Polaroid to see what other great products they have to offer here
Hello Kitty Camera Retails at $25 
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***Power Rangers Megaforce***

Check out the new line of Power Rangers! I know growing up that Power Rangers were awesome! I love seeing my kids watching shows I grew up with. Power Rangers Megaforce Battle Morphin Robo Knight is a cool toy which has its own joy stick in back which allows you to move arms up and down! There is 4 to choose from. You can find them at your local retail store. For ages 4 and up. 
Retails at $12.99

***Vicks Cool Moisture Humidifier***

Lets face it we all get sick and could use a little help sleeping through the night. The Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier is a great fun way to get relief when you so desperately need it. The Vicks Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier comes in 4 fun colors blue, pink, purple and green which it then lights up the room  with a soft night light of stars and moons. Vicks Cool Moisture Humidifier are not limited to just the Starry Night they have 2 new other units the Vicks FilterFree Cool Mist Humidifier , and the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

The Vicks Starry Night Humidifier is ideal for use in nurseries and children's bedrooms. The humidifier
 releases cool moisture into the air and projects a multicolor changing, star-filled night's sky on walls and the ceiling through the unit's built-in, independently controlled projector. Best used in medium-sized rooms, this 
model runs for up to 24 hours on a 1 gallon tank and features multiple output settings and quiet operation.
You can learn more about the  other Vicks products but clicking here.  
Vicks Humidifiers can be purchased at all major retail stores colors may very from store to store though.
You can purchase the green Starry Night only at BabiesR Us.
Retail at $54.99
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