Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Nokia Lumia 521 MetroPCS

I got a chance to test out one of the newer phones carried by MetroPCS which is the Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone. 

Lets start with the service, MetroPCS covers a lot of ground and I was happy to find out that my phone had signal pretty much everywhere I went. I love MetroPCS because unlike ATT, Tmobile or whatever carrier you might have I can do whatever whenever I want. What does that mean??? It means I am not locked down to a contract on which I must pay a bill or be stuck with the same phone for 2 years. I also like this because if my kid is bad I can cut them off for however long I want whenever I wanna give them service again I go online and reactivate the phone for as little as $40 a month!!! Do you know what $40 a month gets me?!?!? I get UNLIMITED TALK AND TEXT with 500MB which is more than enough data for me to be online when and however I would like. Check out your local MetroPCS and see how much you can and will save!

Now about the phone. I must admit its nothing like what I am used to well at least on a phone. Its more like having a mini computer in my pocket, but it makes calls and fits in my pocket. The Nokia Lumia 521 Windows phone is just that its Windows on a phone. I like that I can look at it and see all my friends on facebook right there on my home screen. You use the phone like you would if you had Windows 8 which with a tap you can make what's more important stand out or what is less important teenie tiny. I love my pictures so I have this as a huge space on my phone. 

Pictures wow I have never seen such great pics from a phone in a long time and lets face it most of us use our phones for pics. The Nokia Lumia 521 comes with all kinds of apps for photos I was shocked at all I could find and loved. My favorite once I figured out how to use it is the Nokia Cinemagraph. The Nokia Cinemagraph is so much fun what it does is lets say you have 3 kids running in circles you record them then you can erase what you wish not to move so now you have 2 kids who are not moving while the one child is running in circles. Its very cool I love it. Another great feature is the Nokia Creative Studio which you can take your childs pic make the pic black and white but lets say they have a green eyes you can make only the green stand out so your child is black and white but their eyes pop! I love the photo apps on this phone they are wonderful. 

Since I am a busy mom I have my forgetful moments which I get out and my phone is in my lap and falls or like with this phone it is very smooth so it slides easy out of your hands, I dropped it a few times and everything stayed in tacked best part is the battery stayed in even when the case fell off! I was very impressed by that since my older phones  I had to find 3 pieces front back and battery not with this phone the battery will stay in place!

I would highly recommend both the phone and service for anyone looking to browse the web, make a call, send a text, take a pic or whatever it is you do. You will love and enjoy the phone while saving money. 

Check out your local MetroPCS for more info and get on the right path of savings! Click here to find a retail store near you. 

The Windows 8-powered Nokia Lumia 521 lets you have more fun with your smartphone with a fully customized experience. Your start screen is truly yours as you pin what matters most to you. At a glance you can check your texts, emails, favorite web pages, photos and more all with the beautifully innovative Live Tiles. Create breathtaking images with Nokia digital camera lenses, add motion to your pictures with Cinemagraph, and create a perfect group shot with Smart Shoot or capture super- wide-angled pictures to take in more of the scene. Also, the super sensitive 4 inch touch screen allows you to use the phone even with long finger nails or gloves on.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way.

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