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What to get the Special Woman in your life! Guide

***Holiday Gifts for the Special Woman 2013***


Kenmore is a great brand that anyone would be happy to receive as a gift. Check out this classy stand mixer! You can  Create Treats, Desserts, Sauces and More with the Kenmore Stainless Steel Stand Mixer
Helping you to get just the perfect blend of ingredients again and again, the 6 qt. Kenmore stainless bowl lift stand mixer simplifies the way you do prep work for fancy creations. The mixer froths, kneads and mixes and whisks simply and quickly for an even, smooth batch every time so your treats and sauces carry a professional look. With a common-sense design, a smooth bowl-lift action and ten variable speeds for precise, mixing options, this unit will keep you churning out creamy, smooth mixtures with just the flick of a button.
The Kenmore stainless steel stand mixer’s detachable pouring shield, 6 quart stainless steel bowl and mixing tools are dishwasher safe so clean up is a cinch. Perfect for a busy household or party, this hard-working mixer with metal accessories and an innovative LED lamp for better viewing is certain to last for years of delicious, creative meals. Bring home this countertop champion to keep your kitchen functioning in top gear.
  • Effortlessly knead, mix, whip and whisk with this Kenmore bowl lift stand mixer
  • Smooth bowl-lift action for more accurate mixing
  • Illumalight™ LED lamp for brighter viewing, better preparation
  • 10 speeds for a wide variety of mixing needs
  • Stainless steel 6 qt bowl cleans easily and holds generous amounts of ingredients
  • 600 watt motor for high powered performance
  • Attachment hub works with additional accessories
  • Care: Dishwasher safe attachments and bowl, wipe body clean
  • Warranty: 5 years

From holiday cooking disasters to proper party etiquette, holiday events often prove to be a point of stress during what should be the happiest time of the year. In fact, it turns out that that hosts spend more time in the kitchen than visiting with guests. According to a recent Kenmore survey, Americans spend 5 hours in the kitchen preparing food and drink and cleaning up for their holiday parties.

Holiday hosts aren’t the only ones with party prep issues. According to the Kenmore survey:
·              The no. 1 area Americans need holidays help with is finding the perfect gifts and 85 percent of Americans have struggled to find a unique gift for a holiday party host and often arrive with no gift (party foul!)
·              79 percent of Americans prefer a practical gift that they could use in their home over a trendy novelty gift
o   Eliminate unnecessary stress with a little gifting sensibility like a great blender or stand mixer
·              Cleaning up is one of the main holiday hosting party poopers – 85 percent of Americans have avoided making a certain food because of the cleanup associated with it

*** Women's dENiZEN from Levi's***

Check out the new look from Levi's called the dENiZEN which are super great fitting jeans that make any women's figure pop! I love these jeans for a few reasons one I look great in them, two they just slip on! That's right no zippers or buttons just pull up and go. They come in skinny Leg, Boot cut, relaxed fit and more! They are super sexy and super cheap check them out on Targets website here or head into a store for a great new you. 
Retail at $27.99

***Midnight Promise***

Here’s a fragrance that you’ll definitely want to make a promise to: Bellegance Perfume’s Midnight Promise. Inspired by Moroccan Gardens, Midnight Promise features notes like amber, vanilla musk, sandalwood, oak moss, fresh vetiver, red mandarin and cinnamon. Midnight Promise is unlike anything you have had before, she will truly be in love with this perfume. Midnight Promise, is bottled and manufactured in France, and will soon be available online and in stores beginning with a suggested retail price of $105.00, available initially in a 2.5 ounce size. The product can be ordered here

 ***Eight Skincare 4-Step Skin Rejuvenation Kit***

With eight ingredients derived from nature, this daily routine will gently restore skin to luxurious health with four simple steps. Available in three scents – Ginger Lime, Lavender and Tangerine – the Eight Skincare 4-Step Skin Rejuvenation Kit includes:
·         Dry Skin Brushing
·         Eight Crème Body Wash
·         Eight Sugar Body Scrub
·         Eight Body Moisture
Price: $85

***Ame Body Care Scrubs***

 âme Body Care has a line of body scrubs that are made of natural, organic and certified food grade ingredients free of chemicals, preservatives and dyes.  These eco-friendly products which nourish, hydrate, cleanse and rejuvenate skin. ame Body Care has a unique Subscription Cards capability and also carry Gift Cards. What I love about the scrubs besides smelling and feeling super great, part of the sales go to March of Dimes which is a non-profit organization which works towards the health of babies and mothers.
Find out more here.
You can purchase ame Body Care Scrubs here
Priced at $23.99

***X by Trollbeads***

The raw elegance of a customized X by Trollbeads piece is a bold expression of the wearer’s style.  Each link has a compelling personality of its own, from rock chick symbols such as guitars and musical notes, to ultra-modern links inspired by pixels and city skylines, and personal and creative symbols representing love and Chinese zodiac animals - their unexpected combinations can tell a highly individual story about the wearer.

Make a beautiful set for the loved one in your life, if your doing for your mother pick a link that represents you! What makes this bracelet even more great is that it can have gold, sliver, rubber and bronze.
You can make a set starting at $130 and go to a solid gold set valued at $13,000.00!!
Check out the X by Trollbeads here!

***Air Curler***

Does the women in your life have dull and blah hair but looking to add volume?
Check out the Air Curler which takes flat to fab! Makes a great gift and works with most hair dryers.
You can purchase the Air Curler at most major retail stores or click here.
Retails at $14.99

***Halle Berry New Perfume***

Women love to smell great so what better way then to buy her some Halle Berry Exotic Jasmine Perfume.
She will love the sexy scent of the jasmine, which will help to clam and relax her.
Check out all of Halle Berry's collection by clicking here.
You can purchase this and other Hale Berry perfumes at Walmart, Rite Aid, Kmart and Walgreens. 
Win Killer queen by katy perry gift set


When you think of a bungee whats the first thing that comes to mind? I know for me its a cord that gives slack but when it gets to far it bounces right back. The bungee is exactly like that! While I was pregnant I lost my keys often but if I had only the bungee I wouldn't have to fear. 
With a simple text message, Bungee tags aim to end the problem of lost valuables, forever! Bungee allows people to anonymously tag their property and link it to
 their cell phone number and email address. If an item is found, the tag
 on the item instructs the finder to send a text message to Bungee. Bungee
 immediately alerts the owner that their property has been found, and then
 bridges an anonymous conversation between the 2 parties so that a return
 can be arranged. Tested throughout the country, Bungee tags have an 85%
 success rate. 

They are also priced affordably, at $15 for one year coverage, $35 for 5 years of coverage, and $95 for a family plan that covers 5 individuals
 for 5 years, making it a realistic and useful gift for anyone. 

Each set of tags covers 22 items, including a wallet card and keychain tag (the
family plan covers 110 items). Bungee tags can be applied and used on any
 anything including sunglasses, keys, wallets, laptops, cell phones,
 childrens toys (like a special blanky), and more. The possibilities are endless!
Win One!

***Bowflex Boost***

The Bowflex Boost smart activity tracker band was designed for persons of all fitness levels. It lets you personalize your daily goals, and offers insights that empower you to make positive change.
It fits great on your arm like a wrist watch and is comfortable to be worn all day. 
Its both for Women and Men making it a great gift for the fitness buff. 
Learn more about this and other great items from Bowflex by clicking here.

Designed with Bluetooth® Smart technology for wireless syncing, Bowflex Boost™ is currently available for iOS devices 4s and higher.
Retails at $49.95

***Zing Anything Salad Zinger***

Zing Anything has recently introduced the SaladZinger to their family of DIY infusers. The SaladZinger allows the health conscious eater to create their own dressing by mixing herbs, fruits, spices, etc. together in one to make your own flavorful dressing. 
Find out more about the SaladZinger by clicking here.
Retails for $24.95 
Win One!

***Nokia Lumia 521 metro PCS***

The Windows 8-powered Nokia Lumia 521 lets you have more fun with your smartphone with a fully customized experience. Your start screen is truly yours as you pin what matters most to you. At a glance you can check your texts, emails, favorite web pages, photos and more all with the beautifully innovative Live Tiles. Create breathtaking images with Nokia digital camera lenses, add motion to your pictures with Cinemagraph, and create a perfect group shot with Smart Shoot or capture super- wide-angled pictures to take in more of the scene. Also, the super sensitive 4 inch touch screen allows you to use the phone even with long finger nails or gloves on. Get the phone here!
metroPCS plains start at $40 a month Unlimited Talk and Text and 500Mb Online!  
Phone Retails at $99

***The California Wine Club***

What would the Holiday's be like without the Wine. The California Wine Club has both white and red wines which go with almost any meal, or makes for a nice get together. Wither it be a Christmas party or a family dinner The California Wine Club has you covered. The California Club wines are a collection of the best from around family owned companies which make and bottle their wines in CA. The California Wine Club brings you wines that you cannot try in most stores and passes on only what they think is the best of wines to share. You can have a bottle of wine delivered to your door monthly for the starting price of  $38.95  there are different packages which you can choose from. You can give this gift to yourself or send as a gift. Most wines are ages 8-12 years. Find out more by clicking here


This year, Hard Rock is making the holiday season all the merrier with the 2013 IMAGINE THERE’S NO HUNGER campaign which provides aid to the hungry and directly benefits WhyHunger and its grassroots partners worldwide.
By purchasing the limited-edition IMAGINE merchandise, you won’t only surprise someone special, you’ll also help someone in need!  Hard Rock’s 2013 IMAGINE products are stylish, affordable gifts that fit your budget and the spirit of the season. 
You can purchase this scarf here for $18.00.


Lipgarb is the only light up lipgloss packaged in someone elses junk! This Lipgloss is too cool. When you open it up the stick automatically lights up to ensure you dont get gloss where you don't want it. There is also an application mirror on the side of the bottle!
Each tube of Lipgarb is $12.99. 
Win Your Choice of 2!


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Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way.

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