Thursday, December 5, 2013

My Personal Little Rant about Do Kids Deserve Gifts?

Its the Holiday season again which we all stress and fuss over what are kids HAVE to have but do they really deserve them?

I have grown up not celebrating the holidays and honestly I didn't mind, my parents would get me gifts for like a vacation or because I did good in school or just to show they cared. When I got married and started a family of my own my husband celebrated all holidays which is fine. So we as a family celebrated my kids Birthdays, Easter and Christmas.

I know that we tell our kids better be good or Santa won't get you anything but is that the case? Does that work on your kids? I know that now my kids are almost always talking back to me, breaking things, getting into things they know they are not aloud to touch or whatever else. Yeah I make it out like they are wild horrible kids but they are not but like all kids they can be. So I just wanna know how does the whole Santa thing play into your kids life? Do they really stop or even care?

I am having a hard time this year getting my kids anything for so many reasons. One they talk back to me now more then they listen to me, 2 they have enough toys which they do not play with or break., 3 I am not made of money to buy the things they want and would probably end up breaking. Which brings up another point how do you let your kids know that Santa can't build them everything they ask for. I know my kids asked for a powerwheels lucky to find one around $100 which then you have  4 other jealous, a Wii U around $250 yes they all can play but only so many games and it is a big item on Santas list that is next to inpossible to find. Or other crazy request for the more better off kids iphones, laptops, trips, or whatever but lets say Santa can't provide then what? You have a sad kid who thought they were gonna get that one thing that they always wanted.

I have heard some good ideas of what parents have done to avoid the whole melt down and spoiled brat syndrome like having your kids donate a toy to those in need and for everyone they give they get a new one, or buying one gift, or whatever else helps your kids learn that its better to give then get. Of course this year I will get my kids some things, but a huge part of me wishes it never would happen. I would love to teach them that yeah its a holiday but hey did you really earn it? I want respect, I want to be able to not leave something out and worry that it will be gone when I get back. I just want their full attention. So parents what do you do for the holiday?

This post is 100% for me to vent and 100% my thoughts NO I am not worried about grammar or anything else the continued sentences or so on its purely for me and if you wanna give your input its welcomed. I am just sharing my thought on the holidays and if anything letting others know that they are not alone on not being sure if they wanna or not give gifts.


  1. I definitely love giving gifts at Christmas, but my kids (luckily) have always been appreciative of what they receive. There have been some lean years here and there where they may not have been able to get that "gotta have" gift, but as they grew older, I would let them know ahead of time that we simply didn't have the cash for it. Last year, my son's grades were suffering, so ... no WiiU for him, and he knew it. One year my oldest daughter (now 30) had the NERVE to actually bring home an F on her report card! Oh. My. Goodness. She did NOT receive a single Christmas present from me that year, although I WAS nice enough to let her have presents from other family members. I've always tried to teach my children the value of things - for instance, if they want something rather pricey, I explain that it costs X amount of hours of my working for it. I know that I don't really have a problem with NOT giving them presents if they don't deserve it, and THEY know it too, so .. :) Believe you me, they are not angels, but from the time they were teeny tiny, if they cried for something, they never got it. If they didn't do what they were supposed to do as a matter of course (simple chores, decent grades, etc.), they didn't get extras. I always had them make a list of things that they would like in all price ranges, and they would get at least a few of the items listed, so they were happy with what they had, because if they seemed unhappy, they knew I would have no problem taking whatever back :) (and, yes, I've done that, too)

  2. I like the idea of making a list of things that I could afford, and maybe keeping it simple that each kid will only get x amount of gifts, thats the hardest part is it seems one year tons of things for boys and next girls never seems to be a good mix to it all :( but I will try that out and see if that helps cause when they ask for things that we cannot afford it just makes it more reason of well why should I care if he cant bring that one thing I want. Thank you for your input :) Casey