Friday, January 3, 2014

A New Years Challenge!

I received this email and I thought it would be a great way to start the new year. I know that I find more joy in giving then I do when receiving. I think this is a great challenge that will help both us and other feel good to know that you can always help out even something simple as holding a door open for a stranger can go a long way. 

Happy New Year!

Happiness, love and awesomeness

We are very exciting for this new year as we start planning our events and great things for our members. We 
would like to start off the new year with a challenge. This is not a resolution, although it could be.

It is very simple, we are encouraging our members to do one act of kindness each day of the year to change 
lives. Grab a camera or capture a photo and tag it with hashtag #365Challenge. We will follow along on all 
social media networks.

So make this year our year and let's help each other grow our community.

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