Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Do you have German Roaches?? How to beat them!

Many of us in the hotter areas deal with a annoying pest called the German Roach! They come from boxes being stored in garages sheds or whatever but this is the most common reason you get them in your home or car.

They spread like crazy and you can be the cleanest of clean and still have a out break of these annoying pest.

The good news is they can be killed, if you have them in your home the minute you see one get on a phone and get a pest control service when there is one there is a million.

If you have them in your car now is the time to take action go to your local retail store and pick up some indoor bombs, place the bomb center your car closing all windows and vents set the bomb off leave everything as is for at least 3 hours once time has passed open your car out and let vent for another 3 hours then go and sweep out all the dead roaches. Its best to do when its cold outside cause the cold weather keeps them in the car with no place to run so they are not able to return later to hunt your vehicle.

This is about 10% off what I found after bombing my van this was with the one can seen in pic along with cold weather. I only had seen a few in my van I NEVER thought it was this bad!

I have done this a few times since I am always out helping friends and family move or have items to donate or whatever I get them and I have kids in the car so I get them cause they do have some little bits of food to eat. But I promise this is a great way to kill them off before they start to hitch a ride in your home.

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