Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Are you a fan of Biggest Loser? Check out this fun fact!

Jennie-O is partnering with the Biggest Loser during the Season 15 finale for something completely unexpected!

Jennie-O will surprise contestants and stars by delivering tasty and healthy tacos, made with JENNIE-O® lean ground turkey, and serving them immediately after the show. Jennie-O is bringing enough to include the entire studio audience and some Biggest Loser Family members from previous seasons!

Why tacos? Tacos are an American family favorite and making them healthier is easy for everybody to do.  But don¹t stop with tacos!  Visit JennieO.com for a variety of favorite recipes including the featured tacos, turkey enchiladas, turkey quesadillas and turkey chili.
With more than 1,500 wholesome and delicious turkey products available nationwide,
Jennie-O offers great meal solutions for any occasion. It¹s simple for home cooks to switch to turkey when preparing all their favorite recipes.

Jennie-O is a go-to ingredient for contestants both on the show and at home. Over the past seasons, The Biggest Loser trainers have used Jennie-O to show how a simple switch to turkey can become a part of contestants¹, and home viewers', everyday lives. JENNIE-O® lean ground turkey is an all-natural ground beef alternative. It¹s naturally high in protein and low in calories with 8 grams of fat per serving.

Home cooks can visit JennieO.com or SwitchToTurkey.com for simple, delicious recipes the entire family is sure to love. A simple switch to JENNIE-O® turkey makes it easy to eat well anytime of day. JENNIE-O® turkey is a delicious, smart protein option to use in your favorite recipes, without sacrificing taste.

Fun fact: Did you know that The Biggest Loser has helped contestants lose a combined 26,600 pounds over its 14 consecutive seasons? 

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