Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sweet Creations Candy Mold and Spatula from Good Cook!

Spring is here spring is here its the best time of the year..........first thing you think of when you mention spring is cleaning, flowers and Easter! Easter is just around the corner and for many of us moms we have to decorate and make a feast. I personal am not a baked good's person, I love candy! and what better candy then chocolate!

I have here (see pic : )  a Sweet Creations Mold from Good Cook along with adorable Spatula Good Cook which says Hop into Spring! So what to do with my Sweet Creations mold, and adorable spatula????

I have decided to take the things I like best and mix them up to make my own fun treats for Easter.

What you need:

2 bags of butterscotch chips
1/2 a bag of coconut
1 bag of pecans
1 bag of marshmallows
1/3 a bag of vanilla wafers
butter (use what you need I personally used a bar and half)

So I started by melting my butterscotch chips both bags in a pot, which place some butter in pot to help melt chips and keep them from sticking to pot.

Next I poured my sticky melted butterscotch into my Sweet Creations Mold from Good Cook and let it cool while I placed my marshmallows into same pot I poured the butterscotch from and started letting them melt once almost melted I added half a bag of coconut, and 1 full bag of chopped pecans into the marshmallows, after all is mixed take it and pour it onto your butterscotch that's  in the mold already. Spread it out with your  adorable Good Cook spatula. As it is cooling smash up some vanilla wafers in a ziplock baggie. Spread the wafers over the marshmallow mixture, I used my hands and gentle pressed the wafers down. Put the whole creation into the fridge let sit for about a hour. After a hour check to see its stiff and if so pop out and enjoy.

Here is my final product:

Another I thought of and did:

2 bags of chocolate, (whatever kind you like)
2 bags of marshmallows (again any will do)
1 bag of pecans (any will do)
1 bag of caramels or caramals : )

Take the chocolates melt one bag pour into mold, let cool.
Melt the marshmallows, and caramels mix in nuts, pour on chocolate, let cool
Finally take the last bag of chocolates melt them pour onto mold let cool
Pop out finished product, cut or break however you wanna get your pieces apart and enjoy!

The whole point of the Sweet Creations Mold from Good Cook is to have fun and enjoy what your doing, fact is most anything sweet mixed with sweet is gonna taste great, also I learned that all ingredients can be changed example: if something calls for a cup of water you can use milk, applesauce or so on, remember replace liquid with liquid and solid for solid and in the end it should all turn out great.

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