Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Diamond Candles Review!

Let's face it Diamond's are a girl's best friend, but not all of us can afford diamonds. So Diamond Candles has come up with a solution, which is a win win for everyone.

What says romance better than candles, so Diamond Candles has combined both Romance and Bling, into one affordable package! Each Diamond Candle comes with a ring inside, the fun part is you don't know what your getting until you burn the candle.

Each Diamond Candle can contains a  ring worth $10 to $5000 yes $5000! You can purchase the Diamond Candles in 2 sizes 12oz which is $19.95 or the 21oz which is $24.95. The 12oz candle does not contain a ring only the 21oz. I had the chance to review the 21oz which has a ring, now if you think about it the candles cost $24.95 but have at least a ring worth $10 so really your only spending $14.95 on a really awesome candle, and who knows you might just get the $5000 candle!

My candle took 3 hours for me to finally see the foil which my ring was wrapped in, and I must admit it was hard waiting :) I mean really who wants to wait to see if $5000 is waiting for you lol but I did and once I saw the foil I pulled it out washed it up and pulled the ring out.

I like how they wrap the ring in gold foil along with being in a zip lock bag. I ended up with this piece no it wasn't a $5000 one but its really nice and my daughter will love it, it has 3 stones a heart, square and oval. I enjoyed the rest of my candle for the next 2 days total burn time was about 3 days worth no stop. It was nice coming home and the house would just smell amazing!  

The Diamond Candles shocked me on how well they put out the fragrance, within about 10 mins of it burning I could smell the scent of lily. Diamond come in a assortment of fragrances which you can choose your scent here. Also check out the other great products from Diamond Candles here. You can keep up with SALES by liking them on their Facebook page, along with checking in on my blog which I post sales.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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