Monday, June 30, 2014

Johnny Rockets is celebrating its 28th Birthday!

Having 5 kids its hard to get away and get a break from it all, but the few times me and my husband are able to we like to have a date night. Date night for us is dinner and a movie, which this time we decided to check out Johnny Rockets which was located right by the theater.

Johnny Rockets is a great place to go when you want something good but don't wanna really sit for awhile waiting for food its a nice fast food restaurant. Pretty much everything on the menu is something which doesn't take long to cook which makes for faster service but you can still of course take as long as you like.

We started with the Bacon Cheese Fries which honestly that was a meal in its own lol, they tasted so great and each fry had something on it. My husband order the basic Smoke House Cheeseburger and I ordered a Route 66 Cheeseburger.  To start with my husbands Smoke House Cheeseburger looked yummy he enjoyed it, it had bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings and Johnny Rockets special BBQ sauce. My Route 66 has swiss cheese, onions and mushrooms it made my mouth water. All Johnny Rockets burgers are 1/3 lb of 100% fresh never frozen beef, you could taste the quality when you ate it.

Finally to top of the dinner at Johnny Rockets we ordered a milkshake yes only one we both were full but wanted to try it because after all Johnny Rockets is also well known for its milkshakes so we ordered a Chocolate Madness Shake which wow talk about the Chocolate we couldn't even finish it it was so rich and delicious but since we already ate we really didn't have the room lol. The service was great at the Kissimmee, FL Location at the Loop. I have a few friends who are huge fans of Johnny Rockets and they told me they keep going back because of the great service. 

Next time you think of eating out why not check out Johnny Rockets I mean hey if its been around for 28 years it has to be doing something right : ) I really enjoyed our date night there and look forward to the next one. Find your local Johnny Rockets by clicking here.

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