Thursday, September 11, 2014

13 Years Since 9/11 We Will Never Forget!

I remember the day well, we were visiting family in New York state and went to a building in which they worked. The building was huge and only had a few tv's all the sudden people were running around something was going on. We didn't know what but we knew we needed to get to the one tv in the area as we did so we ran into another family member who we hadn't known was there it was a panic joy thing as we meet up with him and all headed to the nearest tv. We all packed into a small room and watched as the first tower was on fire, then from the side of the tower you see what looks to be another plane, and all the sudden it hits the second tower! I was only 17 and never had been to New York City so I didn't know much about the towers but just watching everything unfold was such a mix max of emotions. I cried for those who I did not know I cried for those in the building, on the plane, in the area, for those who had family and were watching all this unfold. I cried. When the towers fell, there was a overwhelming silence, it was as though the grim reaper came and took us all for a moment in time. It was such a out of body experience to watch the horror of everything playing out. No more would our lives be the the same.

I was supposed to leave from the Boston airport the following Sunday after all this had happened, they did release flights. It was very quite at the airport very few people on the plane. Next to me while waiting was a man who looked to be Arab, although he was dressed as a normal american because of the events that unfolded he was called out and searched. He was found to have nothing on him but thanks to our captain of our flight he was no longer aloud to be on the plane, everyone cheered. I sat there in disbelieve and even more upset because what if it had been a white american or a African american or anything which is a more popular race? then what??? It was sad that now those who didn't have anything to do with anything were being punished from something they had ran away from or who simply were born american.

Take today to reflect on those who were lost, those who survived, those who helped and those who are still in need. Also take the time to think on how you judge others because this is what we pass on to the next generation of Americans!


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