Monday, September 15, 2014

A whole new spin on Ginger, with Reed's Ginger Brew

Ginger ale has always been the turn to drink when the stomach is a little off, but never really a drink I would considered drinking over a soda or tea, until Reed's Ginger Brew.

Reed's Ginger Brew is a huge line of ginger ales, which make for the perfect drink or mixer. They have 7 flavors of ginger ales to pick from:

Reed's Ginger Brew Extra Ginger Brew is a great tasting ginger ale that has more of a bite to it with the extra punch of ginger. You can drink it on its own or mix it into a Calmado which is Hangar One Kaffir Lime Vodka, Muddles Mint, Ginger Syrup, Fresh Lime and sparkling water on ice in a pint glass.

This is a sweet treat that even the kids will like, Cherry Ginger Brew. You can see in the picture how the light hits the bottle and you can see its red goodness inside. The Cherry Ginger Brew is almost like a cherry soda but better for you because of the ginger. I goes great in strawberry milkshakes. I really enjoy it on it's own after its super cold. 

Raspberry Ginger Brew, wow! I love this stuff its so great! My kids enjoy it as well, they drink a bottle in seconds. The raspberry is sweet and mixed with ginger makes for the perfect summer drink. The Raspberry Ginger Brew makes for a really good soda cake, but again better for you because its ginger ale not soda. 

Premium Ginger Brew is really great it is like the king of ginger ale's. This is the ale of all ales you will wanna drink this after a long hot day in the sun. It soothes the sole its so good. This is the porch drink you have been searching for. 

This is my all time favorite, it was perfect timing with fall just around the corner. The Apple Ginger Brew. The Apple Ginger Brew is great warm. It reminds me of apple cider but with a kick. As soon as I am drinking a Apple Ginger Brew I think fall, which makes me feel happy inside because fall just brings comfort. Its a drink I like to share with friends and family. 

Where it all started Reed's Ginger Brew the simple great taste of ginger ale. 

You can check out all of Reed's Ginger Brew by clicking here

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