Thursday, September 4, 2014

K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator

Living in Florida our electric bills are through the roof during the summer thanks to the heat, so I am always trying to save were I can. Although I may have 5 kids it doesn't mean I am always up and going I would love to think. While the older ones are in school I am normally sitting and catching up on things online, so I am not getting as much exercise as I would like.

The solution to my problems, the K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator. The K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator is a great way to burn fat and save money on your power bill. I use my laptop often daily and for hours upon hours sometimes so I pretty much always have it plugged in. Since I always have my laptop plugged in I am using more electricity which means a slightly higher bill because really how much can a laptop cost being plugged in 24/7?

So I now am able to sit and type while spinning on the pedals of the K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator which keeps my laptop powered so its a win win, I am gaining muscle in my legs, losing weight and saving on my electric bill.

The K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator is small and easy to move around, so you can take it almost anywhere. I will sometimes take it outdoors and pedal while the kids play, or another use I found for it, is while camping. Some of the camping sites we stay at (because we still use a tent) have maybe a outlet which powers whatever is most important, some don't have any outlets, so the K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator becomes very handy when trying to get the air mattress to blow up.

My kids also like to pedal on the K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator so sometimes while they are watching tv and I am on my laptop they will pedal while I am able to get work done on my laptop.  The K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator is easy to assemble and take apart, it comes in 3 pieces, 2 pedals and then one unit together of braces and main unit.

First: Remove the pins from the unit, this will release the bases, which hold the unit upright.

Second: There is a pin in the middle of the main unit which you remove, fold unit open and place pin back in, locking the main unit in place.

Third: Place the bases at the bottom of the main unit and push the pins back into the sides, this locks in your bases. Also note that there are 6 circles which line up and click into place on the bases as well when in place correctly the pins go in with ease.

Forth: Lock in your pedals, each pedal has a notch in it which is flat line it up with the peg on the main unit and slip on pedal. To lock in place move the plastic on the side of pedal to the lock position.

Its that easy. To take apart for storage just reverse the steps. I really love having the K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator, I am amazed at all the different things I am able to do with it. It doesn't take much of a pedal to get it to generate, but make sure your always pedaling forward, never backwards and that you do not stand on it because this could break the device.

You can purchase your K-TOR Power Box Pedal Power Generator by clicking here. Also keep up with the newest products from K-TOR by liking them on Facebook.

Disclosure: I received one or more of the products mentioned in this post to help facilitate my review. All opinions are mine and I was not influenced in any way. Please contact with any questions.

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