Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Youtheory Collagen Diet Supplement

Okay so a lot of you would slap me for saying this but hey I am getting older a whopping almost 31, but whatever as a female your body seems to go through many changes when you hit 30. One of the things that happens to us and men is we start to lose things, like collagen, which keeps our skin tight.

Collagen is something that I know I never thought of growing up, the only thing I had to worry about was iron because I drank to much milk and I am a female so I was anemic.  Now that I have hit 30 I notice that the bags under my eyes are a little more baggie, and my arms are a bit more flabby. Why is this happening? Because my body is no longer making the collagen like it used to. How do we fix this? especially if we don't have money for a face lift.

We purchase Youtheory Collagen Diet Supplement. Youtheory Collagen is a advanced formula that treats types 1-3, with 18 amino acids, it helps to straighten hair and nails. Youtheory Collagen helps to stop the joint pains that comes with old age, along with giving relieve to tendons and ligaments. You can see results in 1-2 weeks of using.

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