Friday, October 10, 2014

LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base 41038 Building Set

Wow now this is a set! The newest edition to LEGO Friends is Lego Friends Jungle Sets. The LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base is made up of 473 pieces. Now for me and my son it doesn't seem like much but when I opened it wow its not just 473 pieces its 473 smallest of small pieces. The biggest piece in the set is about 2 inches other than the flat bases. 

I did built this set because I wanna surprise my son with it for Christmas, no lie the set took me a solid hour to do, and I only placed one piece in the wrong spot, which thankfully I noticed right away. I absolutely love building LEGOS, as I am building its was amazing to watch things form before you, along with all the detail LEGO puts into its pieces. 

The LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base, is made up by 3 main buildings, restroom, treehouse, and hospital/spa. The detail of each building is quite unique like, on the restroom LEGO took the time to add two extra pieces to make like hot and cold water pluming. The tree house has a piece which runs through the middle of the trunk for stability but its not needed no one sees it but its just the fact that they can. The hospital/spa has a sink, along with under the building extra support beams which again not necessary but makes it look more like a real place. 

Also since this was the first set I built in awhile I found out that LEGO now has a tool to help you remove LEGOS 

The LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Base is a great set for both everyday, and makes a great gift. I love this set and I know my son will love it as well. The colors are fun and cheerful and it helps for the child's imagination to grow. You can purchase this set and others at your local ToysRUs, retail and on Amazon

  • Includes Andrea and Stephanie mini-doll figures Features living quarters, surveillance platform, bathroom hut, mobile medical station and a raft boat
  • Animals include a monkey, parrot, panda, chameleon and a frog
  • Combine with all the other LEGO Friends jungle sets to enjoy more animal rescue adventures
  • Raft boat is 3" long, 1" wide and under 1" high Living quarters is 3" high, 4" wide and 2" deep Bathroom hut is 2" high, 1" wide and 1" deep
  • Mobile medical station measures over 1" long, under 1" high and under 1" wide Surveillance tower measures over 7" high, 1" wide and 1" deep

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