Monday, October 27, 2014

October 29th is National Cat Day!

I love all animals in fact we have 3 snakes, 2 water frogs, a turtle, a gecko, and a orange color lizard, but my favorite and most loved are my 2 cats Milo and Bumblebee.

I don't mind dogs, but after seeing friends and family with them I see how owning a dog is like having kids. With dogs you have to find a sitter when you go on vacations or are up in all hours of the night letting them out back so they can go. Then you have cats! : ) Cats are great! Cats just come and go as they please, they can use a cat box, when we leave for a trip we just over kill the food, leave the toilets up, and have a few extra cat boxes and they are set.

Because of the awesomeness of cats there is a whole National Cat Day which is October 29th. Wicked Cool Toys has come out with a fun Cat Paw! Which is a toy that looks like well a cat paw. It is a long stick which at one end has a handle with a trigger and the other end a fluffy cat looking arm and paw. When you pull the trigger the cat paw moves up and down and meows. The Cat Paw makes for a fun way to tease your cat, freak people out while driving : ) , bug a sibling who has locked themselves in and so much more.

My kids love playing with the Cat Paw, they seem to focus mainly on the cats but when out they like to hang it out the window and "wave" at people. The Cat Paw is a fun way to show your pride on Nation Cat Day October 29th. You can purchase a Cat Paw at your local ToysRUs and retail stores.

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