Thursday, October 9, 2014

Peek a Book

The Peek a Book great for all brightly illustrated, wonderful book. The book is about a dog and a cat which are both in their own books, but the dog begins to chase the cat, taking them on a journey of fun family fairy tales and rhymes.

The Peek a Book is a great beginners book it has pictures which children can relate to as well as smaller, shorter words and sentences.  My kids enjoyed the book because some of the pages would have a cut out in them making for a peek over to the next page. You can purchase Peek a Book on Amazon.

With holes to peek through and shapes to peep over, join this cat and dog in their playful, peek-a-boo romp through the pages. For a long, long time, everyone has known that dogs and cats just dont get along. Dogs want to play. Cats want to sleep. Dogs want to chase. Cats want to run and hide! One little cat knows all this very well. So she runs ... into a book where she eats a little bear's porridge, through a story where she circles round and round and down a beanstalk, and through so many more favorite fairy 

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