Sunday, November 23, 2014

BJ’s Wholesale Club your Family Club! #BJsHolidays

Its that time again when we get together and exchange stories and swap gifts. BJ's Wholesale Club is a great place for all things needed and gifted.

To start off with BJ's takes all forms of payment, credit, cash and even SNAP. They also take coupons, but it doesn't stop there! Lets say your buying a case of corn which has 6 cans did you know you could use 3 coupons ( assuming the coupon is $1 off 2 cans ) think of the savings you would have! Along with the savings of buying in bulk. BJ's also has a trail offer which you can come in and enjoy the benefits of being a club member for 60 days, believe me you will notice the savings.

Now on to the deals, only at BJ's can you get exclusive toys, like this Doc McStuffins Doctor set $19.99 but also comes with a Lambie doll, or Stuffy.

Another favorite is the Frozen Sing and Swing Olaf for $19.99 not only is it a fun gift but it also makes for great holiday decor!

Another is this Hello Kitty Doll which comes with a miniature, you can only find this at BJ's for $19.99.

Moving on from toys, sorry being a mom these are some really great fines! : ) BJ's has a huge assortment of foods, to make for a wonderful dish for parties, gatherings and evening meals. Did you know that BJ's offers:

Fresh Organic fruits and veggies, has a on the spot butcher which can cut any package into portions so you can go home and cook it that evening and put away the rest without the mess! You can do this with cheese as well. Some BJ's offer a deli which items are priced way cheaper than most major grocery stores.

You can get your whole Thanksgiving Dinner at BJ's already prepared, just heat it up and serve. You can also do this for your Christmas parties and much more. 

So you bought the food but you wanna display it, BJ's has tableware, and decor galore! Check out this simple but beautiful 6 piece Lazy Susan with ceramic pieces for serving your favorite snacks, for only $19.99.

I don't know about you but I have a lot to wrap and always have that one gift that just needs a little bit more to fit the gift. At BJ's they have a huge assortment of wrapping paper like this double sided roll, which is 375 sq ft, for only $9.99! Along with wrapping paper you can pick up a beautiful assortment of handmade Christmas labels, Christmas poppers and so much more. 

Need a tree? Outside decor? BJ's has a great assortment of these as well, with many beautiful pre-lit trees one which can be controlled using your tablet! This beautiful Peacock yard piece which, this is so wonderful it can be used year round! 

When you visit your local BJ's check out there specialty isles which are normally the first 3-4 isles which fit whatever season it may be. You will be in aw of the assortment of products carried at your local BJ's. Find your BJ's by clicking here. Also you can do some online shopping and save big by visiting . 

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