Monday, November 17, 2014

Check out the LG OLED at your local Best Buy, makes for a great gift!

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Let's face it, these days its getting harder and harder to figure out that perfect gift for someone. Check out the LG OLED TV at Best Buy. The LG OLED TV is a perfect gift for anyone, what makes the LG OLED TV so great is many things like:

It's only 0.21" thick, which means less strain on your wall and harder for your kids to bounce it off and bust it. I used to always think whats the big deal about HD I mean I can see the picture who cares if its better, until I finally got a HD TV and now its like glasses, although you can see it you know something is off until you have your glasses on. Now I am able to watch TV from my room in bed while kids are out in living room watching TV because the quality and sound are so amazing.  

What makes the picture so amazing is LG's exclusive 4 Color Pixel technology, which delivers bright, vibrant colors. You can learn more about the LG OLED TV by visiting :

When me and my husband got married I had purchased a video recorder,  I used it to record my kids while I could of them learning to walk, family vacations and so on. Although the videos are more for me as a memory, I pulled them out so our kids could watch them. I own a basic video camera which still records on tape and while I had a chance transferred all my videos to DVD, but watching the old recordings on DVD on a HD still made the picture better and the sound better, my kids had a blast laughing at themselves.  

The LG OLED TV makes moments like I mentioned even more joyful with its ingeniously curved screen, nothing goes un-scene. Along with the curved screen the LG OLED TV also includes wedOS Smart TV interface which lets your find content faster than ever.  You can pick up a LG OLED at Best Buy, which has a everyday price of $3499.99 (save $500). 

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